Chapter 876 : “Face Slap – Ninth Form (5)”

    Chapter 876 : "Face Slap - Ninth Form (5)"

    As to what exactly happened here, Lei Chen would have guessed it in his heart. But regardless what he thought about the matter, it was still an internal issue that happened within the Yan Country and Lei Chen wouldn't want to see the Thousand Beast City develop any enmity against the Yan Country because of this.

    Lei Chen narrowed his eyes and even though his thoughts echoed Imperial Physician Li's, he didn't really want to save the bunch of quack doctors before him. But as the matter would still ultimately affect the relationship between the Yan Country and the Thousand Beast City, he wouldn't stand to gain anything if that relationship soured because of this.

    Just as Lei Chen was about to open his mouth to say something, he suddenly saw Jun Wu Xie's cold clear eyes and he froze in that instant.

    Jun Wu Xie was obviously telling him not to get involved in the matter.

    Lei Chen hesitated a moment before he said: "What Hall Chief Xiong said is right. The incident had indeed occurred due to the lack of our Yan Country's hospitality. I am also wishing that Hall Chief Xiong can find out who is the culprit behind this and let's leave the investigation in Hall Chief Xiong's hands."

    Xiong Ba nodded in satisfaction while Imperial Physician Li's face was looking more panicked. He stared at Lei Chen in disbelief, unable to accept the fact that Lei Chen had so easily agreed to Xiong Ba's request.

    "Your Highness! Your Highness Crown Prince!" Imperial Physician Li called out in a desperate plea.

    Lei Chen refused to even look at him.

    The other physicians looked at Xiong Ba's immense frame towering over everyone and they all trembled, knowing that even all of them put together would still not be a match against that giant of a man.

    Since Xiong Ba had already made his stand clear and Lei Chen had agreed to it, the matter had become a fact and there was no way out of it anymore, they had no other choice be to surrender themselves to it.

    "The crisis suffered on our Young Miss had been averted this time all because of Miss Jun's help. Xiong Ba's brash actions had offended Miss Jun before this and I beg that Miss Jun forgives me. If Miss Jun does not mind it..... I would like to ask for Miss Jun to continue to take care of our Young Miss' condition with Senior Feng." Xiong Ba turned his head to look towards Jun Wu Xie, his eyes immediately turning earnest, his tone sincere and respectful.

    Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze over Xiong Ba and was silent a short moment before she said: "I can."

    A smile immediately broke on Xiong Ba's face, and he thanked Jun Wu Xie profusely.

    Meanwhile, the pale faced Imperial Physician Li was secretly staring at Jun Wu Xie. He really could not understand how something that had even escaped the notice of the highly revered Dive Doctor, Feng Yue Yang had been instead noticed by this little girl? And she had even resolved the ailment so easily.

    Jiang Ying Long was ashamed of himself and followed Xiong Ba's instructions to temporarily "invite" all the physicians to stay behind in the inn, to await Xiong Ba's interrogation of all of them.

    The entire bunch of physicians in the room who were all just talk retreated out of the room and only the three people from the Thousand Beast City was left in there with Jun Wu Xie and Lei Chen.

    With all the superfluous people out of the place, the words that had been kept inside Xiong Ba's chest finally had a chance to be spoken out aloud. "Miss Jun is from the Qi Kingdom, why had you suddenly appeared here in the Yan Country's Imperial Capital? As to the real reason that caused this incident to happen, I believe Miss Jun already has a good idea in her mind. But I do not know what other considerations are on Miss Jun mind that had stopped you from revealing the truth in front of everybody earlier."

    From seeing Jun Wu Xie having easily resolved the mystery behind Qu Ling Yue's condition, to watching her calling out to Imperial Physician Li just as he was attempting to escape, Xiong might not be highly intelligent, but he was still able to recognise that this beautiful young girl before him had a highly intelligent, quick and nimble mind in her head.

    She would surely have seen through quite a bit of the culprit's schemes.

    Jun Wu Xie was not surprised by Xiong Ba's query. She walked over to a chair at the side and sat down, pouring herself a cup of tea before slowly taking a sip from it.
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