Chapter 878 : “Panicked (1)”

    Chapter 878 : "Panicked (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head and did not say much but only let Lei Chen send her to the Immortals' Loft where they then parted ways.

    Lei Chen would never have thought, after this time, when he next saw Jun Wu Xie with her real countenance, the Yan Country had completely changed.


    Qu Ling Yue awoke that very night as expected and after regaining consciousness, she got to know everything that happened while she had been in a coma which greatly shocked her. She had no recollection of having suffered any strikes from Jun Xie when she was conscious! The only thing she remembered before she fainted was that she had suddenly felt a stinging pain on the back of her neck and the next thing she knew, she had lost consciousness.

    When she got to know that Jun Xie was still locked up in prison, Qu Ling Yue brushed off all concerns that her body had just recovered and insisted on making a trip to the prison that very night to get Jun Xie out of there. She apologised about the matter repeatedly but Jun Xie merely answered perfunctorily and immediately went back to the Immortals' Loft.

    And news of the matter quickly spread into the Imperial Palace.

    Sitting within the Imperial Study, the Emperor was perusing the memorials and petitions behind his desk when he suddenly saw the figure of Lei Fan rushing in highly panicked. He immediately put down the brush and with a benign smile, he asked: "My son, it's already so late. For what have you come here?"

    "Father!" Without another word, Lei Fan fell to his knees before the Emperor.

    "What's going on here? Stand up and tell me." The Emperor stood up immediately intending to help Lei Fan up.

    Lei Fan's attractive looking face was twisted up with panic. "Qu Ling Yue is awake!"

    "What?" The hand that the Emperor had just stretched out stiffened and the benign smile on his face froze.

    "News was just received! The people from the Thousand Beast City had arrived in the Imperial Capital today and they had immediately gone straight to the War Banner Academy's allocated inn. No one knows the reason but Eldest Royal Brother had suddenly brought Jun Wu Xie from the Qi Kingdom's Lin Palace there and Jun Wu Xie had fully cured Qu Ling Yue right before the eyes of the emissaries from the Thousand Beast City! She had even told the people from the Thousand Beast City the truth behind Qu Ling Yue's injuries that led her to fall into a coma! The people from the Thousand Beast City have now put Imperial Physician Li and the other physicians under arrest within the inn and are going to interrogate them personally!" Lei Fan said, his face on the verge of tears. When he had first heard the news, he had felt like he had been struck by lightning as well.

    "How did it turn out like this? Qi Kingdom? Lin Palace? How did Lei Chen become acquainted with people from the Lin Palace?" The Emperor's mind was in a whirl. He had thought that after the people from the Thousand Beast City arrived, everything will happen according to what he had planned and the Thousand Beast City would not let off Jun Xie who had been imprisoned. And when Jun Xie was being persecuted by the Thousand Beast City, Jun Xie would surely submit to Lei Fan's request. When that time came, he would get people to release the news that Jun Xie shared a close relationship with the Crown Prince and pour the dirty water over the Crown Prince's head where the Thousand Beast City would become highly displeased with the Crown Prince.

    When the emotions of the people from the Thousand Beast City would be highly stoked by that time, he would then ask Imperial Physician Li to "cure" Qu Ling Yue and the Yan Country would not have to get into a political dispute with the Thousand Beast City.

    Every step of his scheme had been meticulously calculated and if things had gone as he planned, both the Crown Prince and Jun Xie would have had to suffer. But with this unexpected turn in events, it had completely upset his plans!

    "Your son doesn't know as well! All I know is that Qu Ling Yue had even gone to the jail earlier and set Jun Xie free! Father! What do we do now?" Although Lei Fan wasn't entirely aware of all of his Father's actions, but he still had a rough idea about it. Now, all those plans had been destroyed and the Thousand Beast City had not only not been displeased with Jun Xie and Lei Chen, but had instead been feeling indebted to Lei Chen because of the fact that the Young Miss from the Lin Palace who had cured Qu Ling Yue had been invited here by Lei Chen.
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