Chapter 879 : “Panicked (2)”

    Chapter 879 : "Panicked (2)"

    Instead, it was Imperial Physician Li, who had been installed by the Emperor to stay close to Qu Ling Yue, who was in an awkward position at that moment.

    Once the people from the Thousand Beast City started their interrogation, the set of old bones on Imperial Physician Li would definitely not be able to stand up to it!

    It won't be long before he would reveal the fact that it was the Emperor who had secretly ordered him to do it.

    "There is no need for you to panic. I will have this matter resolved." The Emperor said, patting Lei Fan reassuringly on the shoulder, asking him to relax. The Emperor then gave a little bit of instructions on what he should do and sent him back to go rest.

    Waiting till after Lei Fan left, the Emperor did not go back into his seat.

    A black robed man suddenly appeared within the Imperial Study.

    "What is actually happening with that Jun Wu Xie? Are your subordinates all good for nothings? Such a prominent person from the Qi Kingdom had come to the Yan Country's Imperial Capital and all of you knew nothing about it! ?" The Emperor said, glaring at the black robed man angrily.

    The black robed man's body stiffened and he gulped silently: "Your subordinate has failed to detect this incident, but in the past few days, your subordinate had not received any news of anyone from the Qi Kingdom coming here into the Imperial Capital. I am thinking this Young Miss of the Qi Kingdom's Lin Palace must have purposely hidden her identity when she came in and that is why no one knew about it."

    "Useless scoundrels! You are getting from bad to worse with the tasks handed to you nowadays! Zhao Xun still has not been found till today and you have now even allowed people from the Lin Palace to blatantly come and go as they please in our Yan Country's Imperial Capital!" The Emperor was visibly trembling with rage.

    Although the Qi Kingdom was a small country, but they were the one that had the most ferocious strike force, the Rui Lin Army, under the command of the Lin Palace. And now, the Young Miss of the Lin Palace was acting on the same side as Lei Chen, which greatly vexed the Emperor himself.

    "Shouldn't you be already on your way to find out for me just what kind of relations the Crown Prince has with Jun Wu Xie! ? See whether they have made any private deals between themselves! ?"

    "Yes! Your subordinate shall work on it immediately!"

    The Emperor then said: "Wait!"

    "What else can I do for Your Majesty?"

    The Emperor's eyes narrowed and they suddenly flashed with a vicious glint.

    "Go help me get rid of another person."


    "Imperial Physician Li."

    The black robed man was surprised. Imperial Physician Li was the physician who served at the Emperor's side under his direct command. Within the entire Yan Country, his medical skills were considered to be top notch, and Imperial Physician Li always had the trust of the Emperor.

    But now, the Emperor wanted to kill Imperial Physician Li!

    "The people from the Thousand Beast City are already suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Qu Ling Yue's injuries and I cannot allow them to hear any definitive testimonies from Imperial Physician Li. Imperial Physician Li might be completely loyal but under the Heavens, only a dead person can keep a secret safe." The Emperor said in a low voice.

    "Go get it done, and do not leave any traces again."

    "Your subordinate understands!" The black robed man nodded and immediately retreated out of the Imperial Study.

    Sitting alone in the Imperial Study, the Emperor gave a heavy sigh. He had somehow felt, after about half of the Spirit Battle Tournament had completed, the atmosphere within the Yan Country's Imperial Capital had felt uncomfortable, like there was something hidden that was disrupting all his laid out plans.


    Back at the Immortals' Loft, Jun Wu Xie had finally been released from prison and Qiao Chu with the others had dragged her to join them for some nonsensical merriment. By the time she got back to her room, it was already late into the night and she was just about to rest when she suddenly received the news Ye Sha had gotten from within the Palace.

    "Oh? The Yan Country's Emperor really said that?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her legs overlapped with her elbow on top and her chin resting within her palm. As she was feeling rather sleepy then, her eyes felt that little bit less cold but tinged with a sense of laziness and exhaustion.

    "Yes! Does Young Miss want your subordinate to go save Imperial Physician Li?" Ye Sha asked.
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