Chapter 886 : “Banquet in the Palace (5)”

    Chapter 886 : "Banquet in the Palace (5)"

    The junior eunuch was suddenly in a fluster and he called out after the back of the silver haired man: "Lord Grand Adviser! Where are you going?"

    "How can I disappoint the moon when it has put up such a lovely view? You just report to His Majesty that I will go to the banquet a little later." With those words, the silver haired man turned and left without looking back once.

    A short while later, a retainer came out from within the banquet to relay the Emperor's decree, inviting the Grand Adviser to join him at the banquet. But in the end..... The Grand Adviser had already left.

    Lei Fan led Jun Xie all the way to come to the Imperial Garden. The banquet was still on at that time and the Imperial Garden was empty without a single person inside. Lanterns were hung high up everywhere accompanying the moonlight which lit up the scenery in the area. It was not yet spring and was still winter where it had even snowed heavily a few days ago in the Yan Country's Imperial Capital. The white snow had covered over many areas of the Imperial Capital and within the Imperial Garden, the accumulated snow on the ground had been swept clear but the branches and treetops were still covered with snow. The moonlight reflected off the white snow, made the Imperial Garden to appear cold and bright in the night.

    "The Spirit Battle Tournament has ended and what plans does Jun Xie have?" Lei Fan asked while smiling. On their way here, he had on a few occasions tried to find the chance to make conversation with Jun Xie and he had not received much of a response, his patience was already running thin.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze swept over the variety of plants in the Imperial Garden. Due to the Snow Lotus within her, she was more sensitive and able to sense out plant life. Although the Imperial Garden in the Yan Country's Imperial Capital looked to be normal and ordinary, she was however able to sense that covered under the white mantle, quite a number of extraordinary ones were hidden within the garden. Those plants were able to give quite a significant amount of spirit power and although they paled in comparison to the Snow Lotus, they were still a lot better than what many other plants could give.

    "Why is the Fourth Prince asking that?" Jun Wu Xie replied.

    Lei Fan said with a smile: "In past years, after the Spirit Battle Tournament ends, those who achieved a ranking would either choose to return to their academies to continue with their learning, or find a better place for themselves to go. Jun Xie is already so powerful at such a young age and I believe that people who want to win your favour number greatly. Although you have repeatedly rejected my sincere offer, I will still like to extend my invitation to you once more, to ask whether you will accept being my study partner. I really do not want to see someone I can be so comfortable with the first time we meet to be separated on different ends of the lands."

    After he spoke, Lei Fan gave a heavy sigh, like he was highly depressed.

    Jun Wu Xie fell silent once again but her eyes were secretly scrutinising Lei Fan's face. What Fei Yan had said earlier had ignited her interest and she was sure that this face was not Lei Fan's original countenance.

    That was something within Jun Wu Xie's area of expertise and it would not be too difficult for her to see through Lei Fan's disguise.

    Face Changing could be separated into three types. One way was just like what she was doing. Covering over her own countenance externally to change her looks to what she wanted to look like. The second method would require one to harm the tendons and the correction of the bones for them to change their looks by altering the bone structure. The third type would be by a way similar to Hua Yao and his Bone Shifting Technique, but they do not control the change of their bones on their own, but through the use of certain drugs and medicine, to temporarily remould and reshape their looks.

    Among the three methods, the first way was the simplest, but was also the easiest to be discovered. As long as one knew a little about Face Changing, they would be able to find the flaw that would give one away.

    As for the second method..... Jun Wu Xie believed, as Lei Fan was the Empress' biological son, the Empress would not want him to undergo the pain and torment of that method. Moreover, Lei Fan was still rather young and his bone structure had not fully grown out and putting him under the knife at this stage would not guarantee that his looks would mature they wanted as he grows up.
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