Chapter 889 : “Banquet in the Palace (8)”

    Chapter 889 : "Banquet in the Palace (8)"

    Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes slightly. Wen Yu's strange and peculiar actions seemed to have only begun after he saw the ring on her hand.

    One was the emperor, the other the Grand Adviser, both seemingly highly concerned with the ring she was wearing.

    But one thing Jun Wu Xie could be certain about was that Wen Yu harboured no enmity against her.

    "Why would the Grand Adviser say this?" Jun Wu Xie could feel that Wen Yu seemed to be hinting at something but at that moment, she couldn't think of a reason why.

    Wen Yu looked at Jun Wu Xie's delicate little face. He had not wanted to get involved in the matter but as the kid was rather close to Lei Chen, and he found that he liked that pair of highly intelligent eyes, albeit a little cold and distant, but didn't look like they belonged to one who would conceal malice against people.

    "Why? Doesn't Young Master Jun want to reunite with his family sooner?"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes darkened at that moment.

    [Reunite with family?]

    [Why would she not wish for that? Everything that she was doing was towards being able to rid herself of remaining in that passive state, to return to the Qi Kingdom without worry, and back to the Lin Palace.]

    Wen Yu detected the dimming in Jun Xie's eyes and he realised that he might have said something wrong where he immediately said: "I apologise, I have said something that I shouldn't have. But from what I heard, in the period that Young Master Jun had been here in the Imperial Capital for the Spirit Battle Tournament, you seemed to have attracted quite a bit of trouble onto yourself. It looks like the Imperial Capital is not a suitable place for Young Master Jun to remain in and to avoid having any more unpleasant things happening to you here, it might be better for you if Young Master Jun leaves here earlier."

    "More unpleasant things? What kind of things would they be?" Jun Wu Xie asked, looking straight at Wen Yu, trying to find more clues from the expression on his face, but Wen Yu was however not exhibiting anything peculiar on his face.

    Wen Yu laughed lightly. "I wish for Young Master Jun to set off on his return journey soon and as it is getting really late. If we do not make our way back now the banquet would be ending soon. Would Young Master Jun like to return back to the banquet with me?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded and the two of them walked off to go back to the banquet.

    Everything was as it should be back at the banquet. The music was playing and the dancers put up a splendid performance with their graceful moves and lithe nimble bodies.

    Jun Wu Xie walked into the palace main hall together with Wen Yu and the Emperor who was looking like he was thinking hard with a deep frown on his face lifted his head when he saw the two figures coming into the hall and his heart nearly jumped out of him!

    "Your Majesty." Wen Yu greeted, bowing slightly.

    The Emperor's face suddenly stiffened but he quickly recomposed himself and put on his usual benign smile and said: "I was thinking where the Grand Adviser had gone to and here he is coming back here with Jun Xie. But where is Little Fan? Little Fan had left here with Jun Xie for a stroll in the Imperial Garden so why had Jun Xie come back here alone?"

    Wen Yu replied: "Your loyal subject saw that the moon was really nice tonight and suddenly had the urge to go take a walk in the Imperial Garden. But when I got to the Imperial Garden, I happened to see the Fourth Prince feeling unwell and was lying on the ground, so I instructed the guards to send him back while I escorted Jun Xie back here to the banquet. Your loyal subject was worried that the boy might not know his way back and hence I came here together with him."

    Upon hearing that Lei Fan was not feeling well, the Emperor's face was immediately tinged with worry as he asked: "Little Fan is unwell? What happened?"

    "Your loyal subject does not know, but your loyal subject has ordered the guards to send the Fourth Prince back to the Empress' Palace and as the Empress' Palace has the Imperial Physicians who have cared for the Fourth Prince since he was young there, I believe there won't be much of a problem with His Highness." Wen Wu replied.

    Even with Wen Yu's assuring words, the Emperor who was highly concerned about Lei Fan's health was seen to be rather fidgety.

    "The night is getting rather late, and all our esteemed guests can go back earlier to get some rest." The Emperor suddenly tensed up and he issued a gentle eviction order.

    All the guests did not say anything and they all got up to leave.

    Lei Chen escorted Jun Wu Xie and the others out of the Imperial Palace and as stood outside the palace gates, his eyes stared after the horse carriages of the Zephyr Academy.
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