Chapter 896 : “Assassination (2)”

    Chapter 896 : "Assassination (2)"

    Several of the dark robed men immediately stood before the other guest rooms on the second level, turning their heads to the side, ears towards the door to listen for any sounds of movements within. When they were sure that all the rooms were quiet and the people inside still sound asleep, they all nodded their heads at the leader!

    Besides several of the dark robed men standing before the other rooms, the remaining ten men were all gathered together before one the rooms. They quietly used the tip of a blade to pry open the bolt on the door, and suddenly pushed the door wide open!

    But when they rushed into the room, with the weak flickering light of the candle, they found that the entire room was completely empty, the messy bed clothes on the bed showing no sign of their target either.

    Just as they were all still feeling puzzled, the door leading into the room behind them was suddenly shut!

    With a creak from the door, the dark robed men who had come into the room immediately turned their heads to look behind!

    They saw a youth with delicate features standing right in front of the door, staring at them through narrowed eyes.

    "Who sent you here?" Jun Wu Xie's stared coldly at the unwelcome guests gathered in her room. When these men had come in, their steps had been light and fast. But the little black cat had still been able to hear them and ascertain their numbers. Besides the ten men who had rushed into her room, there should still be more than ten of them standing guarding outside the rooms of Hua Yao and the others, but were not intending to enter.

    It was obvious that the target of the dark robed men for this unexpected visit was her!

    The dark robed men looked at Jun Xie highly astonished, the blades they held in their hands gleaming coldly from the low light. There was no one else besides the youth and faced with their sudden appearance, the youth was showing not a single sign of panic or terror, but instead she was showing a highly natural sense of indifference and composure.

    "Someone who wants to take your life." A dark robed man said in a low voice, immediately gesturing to his companions with his hand.

    The next instant! All the dark robed men in the room charged at Jun Xie at the same time!

    The figure of Jun Wu Xie flashed and at the moment she brushed past those men, she noticed that among the men in black, there were actually several of them who were at the level of green spirits as well! There were even some at blue!

    Advancement in spirit power was highly difficult and people without power or authourity would not be able to send out a team of green and blue spirits as an assassination team easily!

    The Emperor? Or the Fourth Prince?

    As Jun Wu Xie dodged, she quickly considered and identified her list of suspects for this incident.

    The dark robed men had known before they came here that the youth they were faced against this time was not an ordinary target, hence they had assembled a team such as this, to be entirely sure that this youth who had attained the green spirit level would definitely be taken out!

    But the moment they made their move, surprise had showed within the eyes of the dark robed men's leader. Although he had known that the youth named Jun Xie was a green spirit user, but he really had not thought that faced with so many enemies who held power of a similar level to him, and with some higher than her, the youth would be able to dodge their combined attacks!

    With such nimble agility, it would not be easy to take him on.

    But he believed, that Jun Xie would not be able to sustain that for long. Seeing that the youth was using so much of his spirit power to concentrate on dodging, the drain of her spirit power would be enormous and he would soon run out of spirit power. At that moment, that would be when death would claim the youth!

    Two sharp blades were thrust together simultaneously at Jun Wu Xie's chest. She dodged and was about to retreat backwards when she discovered that several other dark robed men had surrounded her and was not giving her any space to run.

    "Young Master Jun. Today you will have to leave your life behind here and even with your green spirit power level, it will not be enough to save your life. I would advise you to not stuggle needlessly and you will at least be able to die a quicker death." The leader of the dark robed men saw that Jun Xie was already properly caught, and he immediately laughed out coldly.
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