Chapter 897 : “Assassination (3)”

    Chapter 897 : "Assassination (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed slightly, not the slightest tinge of panic in her eyes. At the moment just before the swords was about to pierce her body, Jun Wu Xie raised her head and said in a cold voice: "Are you sure?"

    The dark robed man was startled. He did not understand how the youth could still be so calm in a situation like this.

    And at the same instant that the two sword blades were going to pierce Jun Wu Xie, a tall figure suddenly appeared in front of Jun Wu Xie! The two blades gleaming coldly within the dim light thrusting straight at Jun Wu Xie were suddenly stopped by the newcomer with just two fingers holding each blade, unable to move forward another inch!

    The dark robed men stared at the stern faced man who had suddenly appeared. They were sure that there had been no one else around when they entered earlier and the window was still tightly shut. Where had this man appeared out from?

    "Your subordinate arrived here late. Young Miss, you need me to leave one alive?" Ye Sha gazed chillingly at the dark robed men in the room, his steely eyes glinted with murder.

    "Besides him, get rid of all the rest." Jun Wu Xie said, pointing at the leader of the men.

    "Yes!" Ye Sha immediately answered.

    The black robed man was suddenly in a fluster, his tempo broken by the sudden appearance of Ye Sha. But he quickly recovered and he immediately said: "Kill them all!"

    In an instant, nine dark robed men leapt at Ye Sha. Jun Wu Xie was put in a safe position by Ye Sha and no matter how hard the dark robed men charged, they were unable to break through Ye Sha's lone man defence to carry out their assassination of Jun Wu Xie, unable to even get closer to her an inch.

    The leader of the dark robed men saw two of the green spirits users among his men got their necks snapped off by Ye Sha quickly and a chill grew in his heart. All these men were highly skilled mercenaries that the Prime Minister had privately hired, and they had all been activated to embark on this mission because they could not afford to fail even once. But just who was this man who had suddenly appeared in the room?

    Under a coordinated attack by so many green and blue spirits at the same time, he seemed to be holding all of them back with ease. What terrified him even further was that he had even managed to kill his men in such a overwhelming situation!

    [Just how powerful was this man! ?]

    [Was he an indigo spirit?]


    [Definitely not just an indigo spirit!]

    The dark robed man himself was holding the power of an indigo spirit. From the moment that Ye Sha had moved against his men, he had been able to detect that Ye Sha's power was higher than his and it was not by just any insignificant amount.

    [Could he possibly be a Purple Spirit?]

    He was immediately shocked by his own guess but he had not been able to detect a single trace of spirit power from Ye Sha.

    The dark robed man starting to panic as he saw another one of his men succumbing under Ye Sha's moves. His heart flared with anxiety. If things continued like this, not would would they fail their mission, all of them would even lose their lives here!

    He can't afford to tally another moment longer!

    The man's gaze suddenly turned towards the spot the completely calm Jun Xie was. His eyes narrowed up and he immediately raised his sword to charge at Jun Xie.

    Even if he had to lose a few more men, he still needed to get rid of Jun Xie!

    His indigo hued spirit glow flared and the dark robed man struck out directly at Jun Xie's vitals with all his power.

    He strongly believed, that once Jun Xie was struck with the powerful strike from an indigo spirit such as him, there was no chance that he could possibly survive!

    However, just as the man was closing in towards Jun Xie, Jun Xie's eyes suddenly turned towards him. On that delicate little face, a cold sneering smile suddenly showed.

    A strange feeling crept into the dark robed man's heart, but he had already thrown out the strike and he had no time to think anymore about it!

    "You are that anxious to seek death?" Jun Wu Xie's voice rang out eerily.
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