Chapter 899 : “Assassination (5)”

    Chapter 899 : "Assassination (5)"

    Outside the door, it was dripping with blood everywhere. Blood red splatters filled the doors and windows, and the not too wide walkway was awash in a deep scarlet shade. Dead bodies lay scattered all over, lying motionless in disarray along the long walkway. Fully splattered all over with blood from the enemies, Qiao Chu was standing at the door grinning widely, waving his blood covered hands at Jun Wu Xie!

    "The guys outside have already been....." Qiao Chu started to say with a grin.

    "Get out." Jun Wu Xie said with a deep frown on her face.

    Qiao Chu froze, his waving hand stiffened as it hung suspended in mid air.

    Ye Sha gave a light cough and said: "Our Young Miss doesn't like the smell of blood."

    Qiao Chu blinked his eyes blankly. He had not really noticed that point before.

    Jun Wu Xie had not slept throughout the night and she had been frustrated with all the troubles she had on her mind. Now that the hateful bloody stench was filling up her room, how could she still be in a good mood?

    "Maybe Young Master Qiao should go wash up a little first." Ye Sha said, looking at Qiao Chu's paws all covered in blood.

    Qiao Chu immediately snapped back to his senses and looked at the creased up face of Jun Wu Xie, immediately shrinking his head down into his shoulders to quickly whoosh out of the room, closing the door tightly behind him.

    Searching through the corpses and trying to find out something about the identities of the assassins, Fei Yan and the others turned to look at Qiao Chu who had rushed out in such a hurry, their eyes filled with query.

    "Why have you come out here again?" Fei Yan asked.

    Qiao Chu scanned his eyes over his companions who were not any much less covered in blood than him and said dejectedly: "I suggest for all of you to first go wash up and change into a fresh set of clothes before going in to see Little Xie. And..... ask the innkeeper to get people up here to clean up the walkway here. If..... there's still anyone alive here that is."

    Rong Ruo had already gone down to the first level to take a look and had seen the waiter taking the night shift no longer breathing.

    Fei Yan and Hua Yao exchange a puzzled look between themselves. Although the did not understand why Qiao Chu would say that, but they knew better than to probe further into it.

    Two waiters had died in the Immortals' Loft that night and the rest of the people who were resting soundly were spared the calamity. When the innkeeper was awoken by the shouting Qiao Chu, he was still completely oblivious to all that had happened. But when Qiao Chu dragged him to stand before all the dead bodies, the still half asleep innkeeper immediately came fully awake.

    Despite the shocking horror he was feeling, he was trembling throughout as he sent out men to get the Immortals' Loft cleaned up, and the corpses of the dark robed men were removed and put together in a pile behind in the backyard.

    By the time Qiao Chu and the others had cleaned themselves up and changed into a fresh set of clothes, Jun Wu Xie was already sitting in the hall on the second level, and Ye Sha was holding up the only surviving dark robed man while standing on the side.

    "Where are all these people really from? They all possess significant powers and the weakest one among them was at least at the green spirit level and there were even two indigo spirits." Qiao Chu said laying back as he sat down on a chair, his head tilted as he looked at the barely alive dark robed man.

    Fei Yan added: "I have inspected their bodies earlier and did not find anything on them that could prove or even provide a link to their identities. It looks like the person who sent them here had been well prepared."

    "Did this man reveal anything about it?" Rong Ruo asked as she looked at the unmoving man that Ye Sha was holding up.

    Ye Sha shook his head and he stretched out his hand to lift up the dark robed man's head.

    With his head up, the companions were able to see that the dark robed man's jaw had been dislodged by Ye Sha and the man's mouth now hung wide open where he was not even able to make a single sound.

    "This is....." Qiao Chu asked, staring at the man in puzzlement.

    "He wanted to kill himself by biting his tongue." Jun Wu Xie said softly.

    The dark robed man had a fiery temperament and knowing that he had failed in his mission, he did not struggle nor plead in the slightest, but had immediately tried to end his own life.
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