Chapter 902 : “Ring (1)”

    Chapter 902 : "Ring (1)"

    As the last breath left his body, the man's face actually showed a faint smile of relief. Compared to death, Jun Wu Xie's elixir was one that made living more unbearable.

    "Why is the Empress' lover after your life?" Qiao Chu asked looking at Jun Wu Xie. None of them have ever met the Prime Minister of the Fire Country but based on what Lei Chen had told them, they knew that the Fire Country's Prime Minister was in an illicit affair with the Empress and they had had a child who was the current Fourth Prince, Lei Fan.

    Needless to say Jun Wu Xie had not ever met the Prime Minister, she had not even met the Empress herself. The closest link to them that she had had any interaction with was the Fourth Prince Lei Fan. So why was the Prime Minister suddenly seeking to take her life?

    "Isn't the Fourth Prince's biological father coming after the wrong person? I still remember during the banquet last night, Lei Fan had been highly aggressive in trying to win you over and the only thing he had fell short of doing was to order you to submit yourself to him. Why is it that just after one night, his old man is sending assassins to kill you?" Qiao Chu was feeling more confused the more he thought about it.

    "He wasn't going after the wrong person." Jun Wu Xie said calmly.

    "No mistake?" Fan Zhuo asked, his eyebrow coming up. "You had left to go to the Imperial Garden with Lei Fan but when you returned, you appeared together with the Grand Adviser as Lei Fan had suddenly taken ill in the Imperial Garden. Seems like that had been all due to your efforts?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. "I neutralized the Face Changing Technique used on him."

    At that moment, the youths at the table were staring at Jun Wu Xie with wide incredulous eyes.

    "Face Changing Technique? What does that mean?" Qiao Chu was getting a headache.

    Fei Yan went on to explain: "Last night, I was just telling Little Xie that Lei Fan's countenance was rather strange. He was obviously the Empress' biological son but he instead looked almost exactly like the woman the Emperor held dear to his heart. I had thought that there was something more to it and I did not expect Little Xie to move so quickly that she was able to verify the truth of the matter the very same night."

    "That explains everything." Fan Zhuo said with a laugh in spite of the circumstances. "Lei Fan must have realized that his real countenance had been seen through and although he had wanted to win you over to his side, but you had repeatedly rejected his advances. Moreover, you have been seen to be friendly to Lei Chen and in order to prevent you from revealing his secret to Lei Chen, he needed to have you silenced. The Prime Minister must have taken action tonight under the influence of both the Empress and Lei Fan."

    Although Lei Chen knew Lei Fan's real identity, and thought that Lei Fan's looks was a matter that was rather strange, but he had not been able to discover the truth behind it and could only keep everything within himself.

    Now that Jun Wu Xie had so easily neutralized Lei Fan's Face Changing Technique, then all they needed to do now was to drag Lei Fan to go before the Emperor and easily bring this mess up, and the Emperor's face would surely turn black as soot!

    "It would seem that Lei Fan, the Empress and the Prime Minister will be going all out to take your life. After having failed today, they will still not spare your life in the days to come." Fan Zhuo said rubbing his chin, looking completely unworried for Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly added: "The people who are out to get me will not only be those three people."

    "What? Who else could it be?" Qiao Chu's eyes widened up once more. Jun Wu Xie had in one single night offended the Fire Country's Empress, the most favoured Prince of the Emperor, and the head of the court officials, the Prime Minister. Her ability to incite such hatred was already unparalleled and she was actually telling them that there were more people who wanted to take her down?

    Jun Wu Xie raised up her hand and showed the ring on her finger to everyone before her.

    "Did any of you notice that the Emperor had shown great interest in this ring of mine?"

    Everyone nodded. The ring was brought out from the bottom of the Heaven's End cliff and Jun Wu Xie had also managed to unravel the mystery behind the method to temporarily bring up one's spirit power level from the scribblings the original owner of the ring had left behind in the stone dwelling.

    It could be said that the ring held special  and extraordinary meaning to Jun Wu Xie.
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