Chapter 907 : “Imperial Guard Army (4)”

    Chapter 907 : "Imperial Guard Army (4)"

    Yuan Biao looked on with satisfaction at Fei Yan who was cringing back in terror, before he slowly retracted his sword.

    "Before Jun Xie is apprehended for his crime, none of you within the Immortals' Loft are allowed to leave this place! The Imperial Guards will be guarding this place day and night and if anyone of you thinks they can walk out unilaterally, do not blame us for being merciless!"

    With those harsh words, Yuan Biao led the Imperial Guards to depart from the second level. When he came out of the Immortals' Loft, he instructed his men to completely surround the building inside and outside.

    Qiao Chu and the others helped the "overly terrified" Fei Yan back to the room and when the door was shut tight, the teary eyed Fei Yan immediately shook off Qiao Chu's paws on him, stepping a foot on a chair and pointing out the window to curse at Yuan Biao: "Bastard, you actually dared to try intimidate me this little Lord here! I'll allow you to live in your self imagined glee for a few more days. When this entire episode had concluded, I'll make sure that I'll beat you so hard you'll cry out for mommy!"

    Just a moment ago, he had looked completely like a weak and frail pretty little thing, the moment he opened his mouth, he had suddenly turned into a barbaric uncouth bandit!

    "Little Yan, your acting skills have really evolved and getting a lot more exquisite!" Qiao Chu said as he looked at Fei Yan respectfully. Don't judge Fei Yan just by the femininely dressed sweet young thing. That guy's innate personality was one just like a despicable and shameless bandit. On this rare occasion that he had been able to witness Fei Yan portray himself as a weak and hapless little girl, he had been laughing deliriously in his heart all that time.

    "Show a hint of a smile and you'll know! Do you believe one slap from me will take the life out of you! ?" Fei Yan shook his fist at them. He possessed the greatest strength among all of them there, and as his Ring Spirit was a humongous ape, Fei Yan arm power was something even Qiao Chu would not be able to stand up to.

    Qiao Chu realised that it was time to pull back and he immediately shook his head.

    "This Yuan Biao isn't as dumb as he looks. He knew to question the innkeeper first before interrogating us. He was quick witted enough to pick one who looked the most likely to "succumb to terror" from his threats. From the way things look, they will not give up without finding Little Xie. Having made a futile trip here at the Immortals' Loft, their next target would definitely be the Crown Prince's Residence." Fan Zhuo analysed as he rubbed at his chin in thought. He still had full confidence in Jun Wu Xie's capabilities, as her intricate and devious ploys were never something the average person could hope to unravel.

    Moreover, Jun Wu Xie was accompanied by the little black cat, Lord Meh Meh, Drunk Lotus, and Ye Sha as her protectors, even if the entire Imperial Guard Army were to move against her, they could never dream of touching a single hair on her.


    "I really cannot fathom the reason why the Emperor of the Fire Country would want to take Little Xie's life so desperately. Just what kind of secret is that ring holding?" No matter how hard he thought about it, Fan Zhuo was unable to unravel that mystery.

    "In regards to that, I believe that Little Xie will gain an understanding after she sees Lei Chen. Lei Chen is the Crown Prince of the Fire Country afterall and the amount of things he knows about this place will definitely be more than what we have gathered." Fei Yan reasoned.

    Fan Zhuo nodded.

    "I am not worried about Little Xie's predicament. Even if the Emperor join hands with the others, they might still not be able to outwit Little Xie. I am instead highly curious to see how Little Xie is going to retaliate this time?" Qiao Chu was filled to the brim with confidence in Jun Wu Xie's capabilities and he really could not wait to see, pitted against the Emperor, the Fourth Prince, the Empress, and the Prime Minister's attacks from all sides, just what kind of a astounding ingenuity would come out from the little head of Jun Wu Xie, to bring them all down, one after the other.

    "I seriously think the Emperor is going to deeply regret, that he did not manage to capture Little Xie today." Fan Zhuo said with a laugh filled with sarcasm.

    At that same moment, the Imperial Guard Army were searching everywhere throughout the Imperial Capital for any traces of Jun Xie. The entire Imperial Capital was alarmed by the brash actions of the Imperial Guards and the chatter and debates among the people spread and grew. And as the Imperial Guards were turning the Imperial City topsy turvy.....

    A petite tiny figure, had silently arrived at the back door of the Crown Prince's Residence. With a light tap of her feet, she slipped right inside!
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