Chapter 914 : “Intricate Plot (5)”

    Chapter 914 : "Intricate Plot (5)"

    "That that little brother Jun of mine has now been declared a convict the Imperial Guard Army are out to capture!"

    "What! ?" Xiong Ba's eyes immediately opened wide.

    "How is that possible? Young Master Jun had just attended the state banquet with us last night, and today he....." Qu Ling Yue exclaimed out in great surprise, her hands covering her mouth in shock.

    Lei Chen continued: "This matter is also linked to the previous incident with Ling Yue as well. I do not know from where my Father managed to hear that the news that Young Miss Jun had come her under Jun Xie's invitation. As Ling Yue's recovery from her injuries had wrecked my Father's plans, where he was no longer able to use Ling Yue to achieve his own ends, he decided to vent his frustrations on Jun Xie by falsely accusing him of injuring the Fourth Prince. But I had gone to the Empress' Palace last night and saw that my Fourth Brother had not sustained any injuries. My Father's current actions, is obviously making use of that superfluous reason in order to kill him!"

    Lei Chen's words were throwing Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue into a state of shock. It was true that when they had found Qu Ling Yue's injuries to be highly bizarre and Xiong Ba was just about to interrogate the physicians when Imperial Physician Li was suddenly murdered mysteriously. Although the incident had not been taken to court, Xiong Ba and his people had been able to gain a rather good idea on what had really happened.

    "Young Master Jun has been implicated in this all because of me!" A worried and highly apologetic expression immediately came onto Qu Ling Yue's face. When she had been made an unwitting victim when she had been injured previously, she had already dragged Jun Xie into trouble once, and now, because he had wanted to save her at that time, Jun Xie had been implicated another time.

    Lei Chen secretly observed Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue's reactions and he was finally able to feel a little more relieved.

    His words, were only half true with certain fabrications injected into them. Besides the people who were privy to the truth of the matter, no one would have guessed that the reason that Jun Xie's was being persecuted so severely was all just because of an inconspicuous ring on her hand.

    The Emperor had even invited Jun Xie to attend the state banquet last night and he had not shown any animosity then. But the Emperor had suddenly ordered for Jun Xie to be killed the very next day, which had caught everyone off guard.

    With just a few lines, Lei Chen had shifted the blame for the Jun Xie's persecution onto Qu Ling Yue and although Xiong Ba and her might have their own reservations about the matter, they wouldn't be able to discover any other reasons for it as the Emperor would never allow any information about Jun Xie holding the Ring of Imperial Fire to reach anyone's ears!

    Soon, Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue were seen to have fully believed Lei Chen's words as the sequence of events meshed up very well from the beginning to the end, which gave them no reason to suspect anything otherwise.

    "Seeing little brother Jun being forced to face such a calamity, I am however helpless to do anything although the heart is eager. To be entirely honest, even as the Crown Prince, I am currently being secretly watched by the Imperial Guard Army and I have invited the two of you here just to ask if you are given the opportunity, would you be keen to seek redress for the injustice you have been made to suffer?" Lei Chen asked once more.

    Qu Ling Yue was about to speak when Xiong Ba stopped her.

    "In this matter, we have undoubtedly dragged Brother Jun into it. But Your Highness should know this. The Thousand Beast City has absolutely no intention of becoming hostile to the Fire Country. We can help Brother Jun escape from the Fire Country, and as for anything else, I'm afraid we will not be able to comply." Although Xiong Ba was grateful that Jun Xie had lent a hand to help them, and feeling ashamed that they had caused Jun Xie to be innocently implicated, but he had to put the interests of the entire Thousand Beast City at the forefront of his mind. As one of the Clan Hall Chiefs, he could not afford to be emotional when the matters involved the entire Thousand Beast City.

    Qu Ling Yue tugged at Xiong Ba's sleeve anxiously, seemingly wanting to say something, but she was stopped by Xiong Ba another time.

    Lei Chen was still scrutinizing the reactions of Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue secretly and although he

    was smiling in his heart, he showed no trace of it on his face.

    "I'm afraid that Hall Chief Xiong might have misunderstood me. In this matter, you are not required to do anything else other than to merely bring little brother Jun into the Imperial Palace and nothing else." Lei Chen said.

    "Bring into the Imperial Palace? In that regard, I believe that Your Highness is in a much better position to do it than us." Xiong Ba replied warily.
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