Chapter 927: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – First Form (3)”

    Chapter 927: "Slap with Borrowed Hand - First Form (3)"

    Lei Chen nodded his head. "It was because the Empress Dowager did not want to see me exhaust so much energy and to spend such a great amount of money. Hence, she did not accept the gift."

    The Emperor nodded then and said: "No matter, maybe this medicine that has been left in your residence for so long was meant to have you take it out to save Little Fan at this time of need. Seeing you brothers like that, I am really feeling very gratified."

    Lei Chen was outwardly respectful but in his heart he was laughing coldly, but not an ounce of his true feelings showed on his face except for an expression of deep worry. "I wonder how Fourth Brother is now? Your son would like to deliver the Blood Ling Zhi over personally now as I really wish for Fourth Brother to recover as quickly as possible."

    The Emperor nodded with a satisfied expression on his face and if truth was to be told, having sat in the Imperial Study to wait for so long had made him highly anxious as well. "Since you are so deeply concerned, I will go together with you myself to see whether your Mother has already come up with an alternative solution as well."

    "Alternative solution?" Lei Chen pretended to be confused as he looked at the Emperor.

    The Emperor then said: "That's right. To neutralize the poison within Lei Fan's body, the blood of his biological father is needed. A pity Little Fan does not have any biological brothers and he is still too young to have and offsprings, so only extracting my blood will work for him. But that child had said the same thing as your Mother, refusing for me to harm my body in anyway, it was really heart wrenching to hear them." The Emperor said, his voice thick with emotion.

    Lei Chen's mouth curled up in a cold smile but managed to cover it up quickly.

    "Fourth Brother has always been a very filial and sensible child from young. He would naturally not want Father to harm himself because of him."

    The father and son pair chatted as they walked, making their way towards the Empress' Palace. From the time that Lei Fan had been poisoned, a good part of the day had passed and there wasn't much time left in the limit that the Emperor had set.

    However, when the Emperor and Lei Chen reached the Empress' Palace, they discovered a whole bunch of Imperial Physicians who were supposed to be inside administering treatment on Lei Fan kneeling in a neat row outside the palace doors.

    The Emperor's face immediately darkened and he roared: "You bunch of useless imbeciles! What are you all doing kneeling out here? Quickly go treat the Fourth Prince!"

    The group of Imperial Physicians had been kneeling there for a good part of the day and their legs were already sore and weak. When they saw the Emperor suddenly approaching, they nearly all fell over with shock.

    "Reporting to Your Majesty! The Empress has already found a way to unravel the Blood of Kin poison afflicting the Fourth Prince and is currently administering treatment for the Fourth Prince. That is why she had made us kneel out here to wait." One of the Imperial Physicians answered falteringly.

    The Emperor's furious expression instantly changed to one of puzzlement and a sparkle of joy began to fill his eyes after that.

    "Is what you are saying the truth? The Empress has really found a way to neutralize the Blood of Kin?"

    "Your loyal servants do not dare to deceive Your Majesty!" The bunch of Imperial Physicians chorused, as they scrambled to kneel on the ground.

    Lei Chen scanned his eyes around the inside of the Empress' Palace and saw that there were no eunuchs or palace maids around. A strong tinge of mirth suddenly showed in his eyes and he quickly turned to the Emperor who had an expression of joyous jubilation on his face to say: "Fourth Brother is indeed well blessed by the Heavens. The Heavens must be moved by Father's endearing love for Fourth Brother and has allowed Mother to find a cure so quickly."

    The Emperor was beside himself with joy, realising that he no longer had to cut his arm to extract blood and his son would still be saved, hence the exhilaration was obvious even in his eyes.

    "Quick! Follow me in to take a look and check if Little Fan is already feeling better." The Emperor was highly anxious at that moment and Lei Chen immediately followed behind him.

    The Emperor was so excited to see his precious little son that he did not notice in the slightest his other son who was following just behind him, the frosty chill coming into his eyes.

    The Emperor rushed impatiently unable to wait another moment as he came before the doors leading into the Empress' Chambers. He was just about to raise his hand to push the doors open when sounding out from within, was the Empress' voice.

    "The reason Little Fan could be saved today was all because you made it here in time! If not, I would have really have been at a loss, not having the slightest idea what to do!"
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