Chapter 939: “Tenth Slap (3)”

    Chapter 939: "Tenth Slap (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie instead replied: "Why is it that Your Majesty seems so frightened now? If my memory serves me correctly, it would seem to me that it was Your Majesty who had always schemed to go against me."

    Jun Wu Xie walked slowly to come to the middle of the main hall, and she stared at the wretched looking Empress and the Prime Minister.

    The Prime Minister looked up in terror as he looked at the delicately attractive looking youth before him. He had only seen Jun Xie from the portrait drawn of him and had not seen him in the flesh. And seeing the youth today, and when his eyes met that pair of clear cold eyes, he finally understood why the group of assassins he had sent to have Jun Xie taken out had all disappeared without a trace.

    This was a youth who was able to toy with the Fire Country's Emperor and Empress within the palm of his hand. It wouldn't be that easy to eradicate someone like this that easily!

    The Empress glared at Jun Xie. "It's you..... It's all you! Why are you doing this! ? Why would you even do all of this! ?"

    Jun Wu Xie's exchange of words with the Emperor earlier had made the Empress realise that everything that happened today had all been the work of one person, Jun Xie, who was responsible for it all. Even all the servants in her palace who were abducted must have been carried out by people under his instructions!

    The Empress had never once dreamed that she, who had always reigned supreme in the palace's Imperial Harem for so many years, would be tripped up by a mere youth as young as Jun Xie, to the point that if Jun Xie had not come forth to admit all of this was his doing, she would still be completely in the dark. It is feared that even right up to the point of death, she would still not know had been the one responsible for putting her into such a sorry state, and the mastermind behind it all!

    The Empress lunged straight at Jun Xie, to strangle the youth that had completely crushed the plot she had carried on flawlessly for so many years.

    But before the Empress could even touch a single corner of Jun Xie's clothes, Drunk Lotus suddenly appeared in front of her and his foot lashed out like a whip onto her abdomen where she was sent flying a great distance before crashing hard onto the hard floor with blood gushing out of her mouth, reduced to a state highly similar to Yuan Biao!

    "Why would I do that? Don't you think I did all this because you, the Empress forced my hand?" Jun Wu Xie found it laughable. She couldn't understand, up till now on this day, how the Empress could possibly have the cheek to question her motives.

    The Empress was feeling as though her entire body had come apart. She lay on the ground as agonising pain wrecked at her body, her eyes fixed on Jun Xie. Jun Xie's words had hit her like a bolt of lightning, right onto her head!

    Previously, as Jun Xie had "accidentally" seen Lei Fan's original countenance, the Empress had relayed her instructions to the Prime Minister asking the Prime Minister to have the youth silenced!

    She had tried to have Jun Xie killed first, hence, Jun Xie had only retaliated back!

    When that thought came into her mind, the Empress suddenly froze as she lay on the ground. The eyes staring at Jun Xie had turned from one of hatred to become fear.

    She had never once thought that she would be so soundly defeated by a mere youth, where she lost everything, with absolutely no chance of recovery!

    Lei Fan was still writhing in agony on the floor, the process of his face reverting back as its effects was gradually neutralized putting him under tormenting pain. He could not even speak and could only lie sprawled on the ground, cold sweat pouring out of his body. But his eyes had been fixed on Jun Xie all these while, the fear growing more intense as the events unfolded!

    Even he had not expected that the youth he had initially wanted to win over to his side and then subsequently wanted to be finished off, would turn out to be the very one person responsible for destroying his once bright future!

    He had only needed to wait for another two years where the Emperor would have pulled Lei Chen off his Crown Prince's seat and he would have become the new heir to the Fire Country, finally inheriting the great might, prosperity and vast lands of the biggest country across the lands. But with the appearance of Jun Xie, all this had been torn apart, where he had been dragged down from being in the high clouds, down into the depths of the bottomless abyss!

    If he could, Lei Fan really wished that Jun Xie had never appeared before him!

    But alas, that was just wishful thinking!
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