Chapter 947: “The Fifth Map (3)”

    Chapter 947: "The Fifth Map (3)"

    "About that, can you please hold it off a moment! ? I have something I need to tell you!" Qu Ling Yue's face was filled with anxiety.

    Jun Wu Xie took a step back and said to the two of them: "Come on in and talk."

    She might have a rather cold personality, but towards people who have helped her before, she wasn't stingy with her words. Seeing the highly flustered state Qu Ling Yue was in, she must have something important to say, and if it was within her power, she wouldn't mind giving her a hand.

    Qu Ling Yue and Xiong Ba went in hurriedly and the three of them sat down around the table. From atop the lap of Jun Wu Xie, the little black cat raised its paw and pawed at the teapot on the table as it turned its head to look at Jun Wu Xie.


    [Aren't you at least going to pour them a cup of water? They had at least helped you before.]

    Towards its Mistress' knowledge in basic manners when receiving guests, the little black cat had always been in despair.

    Jun Wu Xie was stumped for a moment before she picked up the teapot awkwardly, and poured out cups of water for Qu Ling Yue, Xiong Ba and herself.

    Qu Ling Yue nodded appreciatively but did not even bother to moisten her throat as she couldn't wait a moment longer and immediately went on to say: "I would like to ask you to make a trip to go with us back to the Thousand Beast City. Will you?"

    Jun Wu Xie had just lifted her teacup to take a sip of water when she heard Qu Ling Yue's words, which caused her to pause a moment. Her gaze was questioning as she could not fathom why Qu Ling Yue would invite her to go to the Thousand Beast City all of a sudden.

    She had come to have some interaction with Qu Ling Yue only solely because of the plot from the Fire Country's Emperor and if not for that, they wouldn't have communicated at all. Although Jun Wu Xie did not feel any animosity between her and Qu Ling Yue, but she could not come up with a plausible reason for Qu Ling Yue's invitation.


    Qu Ling Yue bit on her lip and she turned to look somewhat pleadingly at Xiong Ba.

    Xiong Ba drew in a deep breath and looked at Jun Xie to say: "My Young Miss has told me everything that occurred in the Imperial Palace today. I must admit my humble self has greatly underestimated Young Master Jun and had not thought that Young Master Jun possessed such heavenly capabilities." Towards everything that Qu Ling Yue had told him, Xiong Ba could not make himself imagine that Jun Xie had just based purely on one trip into the Imperial Palace, had in a matter of mere hours, forced the Emperor of the Fire Country to abdicate from the throne!

    And together with that, the Empress, Prime Minister, and the most favoured Fourth Prince had all been put to ruin as well!

    The Fire Country was the biggest country under the Heavens and feared by many! It was a place many looked up to and the Fire Country's Imperial Family was overwhelmingly stronger than all other countries. People who were capable of stirring up a storm in the Fire Country were few and far between, but Jun Xie had used just her own brain to devise a plot, which had completely overturned this biggest and mightiest of countries. Such ingenuity and resourcefulness really made one bow and respect before him!

    Even for someone like Xiong Ba who was not too quick witted, was completely won over and held the highest admiration for Jun Xie's scheme.

    "Oh?" Jun Wu Xie answered without commitment, in no hurry to respond, as she knew that Xiong Ba was sure to have more to say.

    Xiong Ba paused a moment before he continued: "Young Master Jun's resourcefulness is unparalleled and I have come with my Young Miss here today to..... ask Young Master Jun to lend the Thousand Beast City a helping hand!"

    "What kind of help?" Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow lifting up. She did not know much about the Thousand Beast City, but from the misgivings the Fire Country's Emperor had shown going against the Thousand Beast City, she was able to tell that the Thousand Beast City would surely hold a significant amount of might.

    As a Clan Hall Chief of the Thousand Beast City, why would Xiong Ba come here with the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City to seek help from a youth still of such a young age?

    "We would like to ask you to help resolve a crisis the Thousand Beast City is currently facing!" Xiong Ba said with all seriousness.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyebrow was raised as she replied slowly: "Apologies, but I'm not interested."

    If it was just lifting a finger, she wouldn't mind lending them a hand. But judging from Xiong Ba's tone of voice, Jun Wu Xie was guessing that the assistance being requested was no small feat!
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