Chapter 949: “The Fifth Map (5)”

    Chapter 949: "The Fifth Map (5)"

    "Seeing that Young Master Jun is so tremendously resourceful, and holds such great interest in that human skin map, Xiong Ba here is sincerely pleading with Young Master Jun to help us resolve the Thousand Beast City's crisis. After the deed is done, the Thousand Beast City will make sure that we offer up the map to you will both hands!" Xiong Ba suddenly stood up after saying that, and then bowing formally in all seriousness before Jun Xie, his back bent at a ninety degree angle.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed . Xiong Ba's words had surprised her as she had not thought that the Thousand Beast City would possess a piece of the human skin map as well!

    "You mean it?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    "It is the truth! If there is any untruth in my words, may I be struck by lightning!" Xiong Ba swore to the Heavens determinedly. If not for the fact that Qu Ling Yue had witnessed Jun Xie's resourcefulness with her own eyes, and strongly believed that he was the person who would be able to turn the situation the Thousand Beast City was currently facing, Xiong Ba would not have dared to reveal such highly secret affairs of the Thousand Beast City at all.

    For so many years, other people saw the Thousand Beast City basking in their glory, and only the core members of the Thousand Beast City knew that they were almost drained and almost spent.

    Everytime he saw the Grand Chieftain vexed and tormented late at night, Xiong Ba felt like a knife was cutting at his heart, wishing that he was able to share the Chieftain's burden.

    And now, as long as there was the slightest sliver of hope, they would have to give it a try!

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes lowered as she considered Xiong Ba's words.

    News about the human skin map were highly scarce and for the previous four pieces of the map, Fei Yan had sacrificed blood and tears before he managed to locate two of them, whereas for the other two, one was a unexpected surprise brought about by Fan Zhuo, the other was just something they happened to stumble across. It could be said that every single piece of those maps were highly difficult to search for and now, Xiong Ba had suddenly come up to them on his own and offered news about the fifth map.

    However, the situation surrounding the map this time was entirely different.

    Those people who have been entrusted with the map before had been highly protective of the maps. But from Xiong Ba's words, it was not difficult for Jun Wu Xie to surmise that the fifth human skin map had not only not brought the people from the Thousand Beast City any joy, but it had been more of fear panic and death.

    If they had a choice, the Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City would definitely not wish for that map which was so highly stained with blood to continue to remain in the city. But the Purple Spirit user who had once been from the Thousand Beast City was like a heavy lock and chains, which tightly bound the Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City, forcing him to have no other choice but to follow orders.

    But within all of that, something did not feel right with Jun Wu Xie somehow and she lifted her eyes and looked at Xiong Ba to ask: "I believe your Chieftain is not following the orders of that person only because he fears the power of the Purple Spirit right?"

    Although the Purple Spirit was powerful, the Thousand Beast City possessed the Spirit Tamer Bone Flute that was able to control Spirit Beasts and if they really fought to the death with everything they had, using the Spirit Tamer Bone Flute would surely cause the enemy substantially heavy losses. But even after so many years, the Thousand Beast City had not put up any clear show of resistance. If their people were not naturally timid people, then that must mean that that person must be holding some other handle against them.

    Xiong Ba was suddenly stumped for words and he was looking rather awkward at that moment. Qu Ling Yue bit on her lip as she stared at Xiong Ba's perplexed expression. She summoned up her courage and then said to Jun Xie: "Because in the hands of that Great Grandaunt, she holds many people's life."

    Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow.

    "She captured my mother, and many other relatives and family of the Thousand Beast City. If we do not do as she says, she will kill those people." Qu Ling Yue's eyes darkened. It wasn't that her father had not thought of resisting, but her mother and several uncles and aunts were in the Great Grandaunt's hands. Her father and many people in the Thousand Beast City had no choice but to submit themselves to her back and call and not matter how unwilling they were, they had to do it.
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