Chapter 951: “The Fifth Map (7)”

    Chapter 951: "The Fifth Map (7)"

    After ascertaining the location of the fifth map, Jun Wu Xie left Qu Ling Yue and Xiong Ba behind in the room to calm their emotions temporarily while she walked out to go into the Immortals' Loft on her own.

    In the inn, Qiao Chu, Hua Yao and the others were still busying themselves as they loaded all their luggages onto the horse carriages.

    Fan Jin was thanking the innkeeper for the care he had provided the lot of them for the period. Outside the Immortals' Loft, the Zephyr Academy's horse carriages were all ready to go, just awaiting their passengers before they move out.

    Qiao Chu saw Jun Wu Xie descending the steps and immediately smiled as his figure shot over to her.

    "We're all packed! And we are ready to embark on our return anytime. Oh right, what did that Qu Ling Yue want from you? I saw her rushing in with that huge bear earlier, looking highly anxious." Qiao Chu held his arms out, imitating Xiong Ba's towering body size. Xiong Ba's enormous and brawny body was enough to be two of Qiao Chu.

    Jun Wu Xie said: "We are not returning to the Zephyr Academy."

    Qiao Chu who was smiling exultantly suddenly froze a moment when he suddenly heard Jun Wu Xie's words, only recovering a couple of beats later.

    "What was that? Not going back? Why is that? Don't tell me..... you really want to remain here to be the Fire Country's Emperor?" As Qiao Chu said those words, he was feeling that it wasn't possible at all.

    Jun Wu Xie rolled her eyes at him.

    "We are going to the Thousand Beast City."

    "Thousand Beast City?" Qiao Chu scratched at his head. "Is it because Qu Ling Yue went to look for you? What did she say to you that could make you change your mind so suddenly?"

    [He seemed to remember that Little Xie and Qu Ling Yue had not been that close right?]

    "Human skin map." Jun Wu Xie said those three words curtly.

    In an instant, Qiao Chu stiffened, and his eyes grew wide as he stared at Jun Wu Xie.

    "What..... What..... What did you say?"

    "There's one in the Thousand Beast City." Jun Wu Xie went on to say.

    Qiao Chu immediately gulped and he looked at Jun Wu Xie with shock on his face.

    Fei Yan had not managed to gather any news about the location of the fifth map and he had thought that they would need to spend a few more months before they would have any news about it. In the end.....

    They had just managed to secure the fourth map and the fifth one had automatically come knocking on their door?

    Happiness came too suddenly!

    Qiao Chu found himself suddenly in a slightly flustered!

    "Really? Qu Ling Yue said that?" Qiao Chu asked, looking excitedly at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Qiao Chu immediately said: "I'll go tell Brother Hua and the others to stop packing! We will be going to the Thousand Beast City! Immediately! Right away! Anytime you want!" After saying that, Qiao Chu immediately darted off to inform the other companions that there was a change in their itinerary, and he briefly shared with all of them what Jun Wu Xie had told him.

    That piece of news, came as a great surprise to Hua Yao and the others. They immediately threw down the luggages in their hands and quickly dragged Jun Wu Xie into Fan Zhuo's room where the six companions squeezed inside together, shutting the door tightly behind them, breaking into a barrage of questions to get a complete picture of what was happening.

    Jun Wu Xie briefly repeated the words that Qu Ling Yue and Xiong Ba had told her earlier to Hua Yao and the others, and told them all about the current situation in the Thousand Beast City.

    Having heard news about the fifth portion of the map had indeed gotten the companions stirred. But not long after, the excitement subsided and they regained their usual calm.

    "You are saying that not just the map is in the Thousand Beast City, but there are also people from the Twelve Palaces?" Hua Yao asked with his brows furrowing up together, the memory he had in his mind when they encountered the people from the Twelve Palaces wasn't too pleasant.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    The Great Grandaunt that Qu Ling Yue had mentioned, sounded like she stayed within the Thousand Beast City permanently, to oversee the search for the Dark Emperor's tomb. If they went to the Thousand Beast City just like that, they would be pitted against the opponent very quickly!
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