Chapter 956: “Thousand Beast City (2)”

    Chapter 956: "Thousand Beast City (2)"

    The Thousand Beast City's Spirit Tamer Bone Flute was able to control thousands of Spirit Beasts, making countless Spirit Beasts submit to their back and call. But the effects of the Spirit Tamer Bracelet was not evidently not as powerful. The Spirit Tamer Bracelet could only be used on one Spirit Beast and according to the grade of the Spirit Tamer Bracelet, the grade of the Spirit Beast that could be controlled differed as well.

    With Fan Zhuo as a Ring Forger, he was highly interested in the Spirit Tamer Bracelet, and hence, before they parted, he can specially come to Jun Wu Xie to ask her to see if she would be able to procure one after she went into the Thousand Beast City.

    The Spirit Tamer Bracelet was a secret that the Thousand Beast City guarded jealously. Even when Qu Ling Yue was asking for their help in this instance, it still wouldn't be nice for them to ask Qu Ling Yue for a Spirit Tamer Bracelet blatantly like this. That would be no different from snatching someone's family heirloom.

    Jun Wu Xie still remembered Fan Zhuo's request in her heart, but when Xiong Ba brought the topic up, she had however not revealed any specific change in her expression.

    The horse carriages slowly rumbled into the Thousand Beast City, and the glorious splendour within the city was gradually passed before Jun Wu Xie's eyes.

    After a while, the horse carriage finally rolled to a stop right before a residence, and Xiong Ba immediately stepped out of the carriage.

    A youth riding upon a magnificent horse appeared at that moment before Xiong Ba and their horse carriage.

    Xiong Ba lifted his head and stared at the youth sitting atop the handsome horse, and his brows creased up closely together.

    The youth possessed attractive features and looked to be about eighteen or nineteen years of age. From the moment he appeared, his gaze had not turned away from the horse carriage, completely disregarding Xiong Ba who had been the first to step out of the carriage.

    And when that youth saw Qu Ling Yue step off the horse carriage, his eyes immediately lit up and he swung himself off the horse, his face filled with smiles as he swept over to come towards Qu Ling Yue.

    However, Qu Ling Yue had not noticed the youth who had appeared at all. Her gaze was fully focused upon Jun Xie who was slowly stepping out from the horse carriage at that moment.

    "It has been an arduous journey, it must have been hard on you." Qu Ling Yue said, looking smilingly at Jun Xie. As she had placed her entire bet on Jun Xie in this instance, she had subconsciously become more focused on Jun Xie.

    "No matter." Jun Wu Xie replied expressionlessly.

    The youth who was all smiles, had just reached the side of the horse carriage when he saw Qu Ling Yue smiling sweetly at Jun Xie who was just stepping out from the horse carriage. He saw that the face was completely unfamiliar but Qu Ling Yue seemed to be on uncommonly good terms with the boy. The smile on the youth's face immediately disappeared from his face without a trace and his eyes suddenly showed traces of displeasure.

    "Ling Yue!" The youth called out suddenly.

    When Qu Ling Yue heard the voice she immediately turned, to find the youth who was smiling somewhat stiffly at her.

    "Lin Feng? Why have you come over here?" Qu Ling Yue asked in surprise as she looked at Lin Feng who was standing before her with a stiff smile on his face.

    Lin Feng was the son of Icy Frost Clan Hall Chief, Lin Que, and he was of a similar age as Qu Ling Yue.

    Lin Feng said with a laugh: "I heard from my father that you are back. News came back previously that you sustained heavy injuries back in the Fire Country, and I was highly worried. But the Grand Chieftain did not allow me to tag along then. So, when I heard the news that you were back today, I had hurried over here to come take a look. Ling Yue, what really happened back in the Fire Country? How was it that you got hurt just by taking part in a Spirit Battle Tournament? Are you feeling better now?" As he spoke, Ling Feng stepped forward looking concerned, intending to check on Qu Ling Yue's condition.

    Qu Ling Yue subconsciously took a step backwards, her face showing an awkward smile as she said: "I am feeling much better. It was all thanks to Jun Xie this time, that I was able to avert the danger and return here safely." When she finished, she turned to Jun Xie standing beside her and smiled at him.
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