Chapter 957: “Thousand Beast City (3)”

    Chapter 957: "Thousand Beast City (3)"

    When Jun Xie followed Xiong Ba and the others in their return, they have already thought through with the identity he was to take to enter the Thousand Beast City.

    The fact that Qu Ling Yue had been injured in the Fire Country, was already known throughout the Thousand Beast City. Hence, Jun Xie was supposed to assume the credit for having successfully healed Qu Ling Yue as the reason, whereby it was out of gratitude from Qu Ling Yue and the others that they have invited Jun Xie to come to the Thousand Beast City as their guest.

    "Him?" Ling Feng looked at Jun Xie who was standing next to Qu Ling Yue and his brows creased together. His gaze looked Jun Xie up and down contemptuously, without showing the slightest respect in his eyes.

    "Ling Yue, is what you are saying really true? Your injuries were really cured by this little kid?" Ling Feng looked at Jun Xie disapprovingly, his voice filled with animosity.

    He really could not see just what a young kid of that age could possibly be capable of.

    "That is naturally true. Uncle Feng knows all about it as well." Qu Ling Yue was not good with lies and her eyes were tinged with a little bit of awkwardness as she looked pleadingly at Feng Yue Yang.

    Against Qu Ling Yue's nervousness, Jun Wu Xie instead did not feel the slightest sense of unease. To her, regardless whether it was "Jun Xie" or Jun Wu Xie, it was both the same person.

    Feng Yue Yang noticed Qu Ling Yue's signal of distress and he sighed inwardly in his heart. "That was what happened."

    Even with Feng Yue Yang's assurance, Lin Feng still found Jun Xie to be an eyesore, Especially when he saw the smile that Qu Ling Yue shows towards the boy, which highly pricked at his eyes.

    Qu Ling Yue had not returned to the Thousand Beast City often in the recent years. She spent most of her time at the War Banner Academy and the number of times she came back here could be counted on one hand. Even though Qu Ling Yue was a girl, but she was already widely recognized to become the next Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City and anyone who manages to marry her, to bring her into their family, would be as good as marrying the entire Thousand Beast City into their grasp.

    Moreover, Qu Ling Yue was highly attractive looking and Lin Feng had harboured intentions towards Qu Ling Yue for a long time, but he had not been able to do much as Qu Ling Yue seldom came back. He had suddenly heard that Qu Ling Yue would be coming back with Xiong Ba and the others this time and Lin Feng had specially tidied himself up before rushing over here riding his horse hard.

    He had thought that with Qu Ling Yue having just suffered back in the Fire Country, it would be a good chance for him to show himself off but he had not thought that the moment he got here, he would be seeing Qu Ling Yue smiling so sweetly to a stranger with delicately handsome features, her tone of voice towards him even sounding a little protective!

    How could Lin Feng be expected to not find Jun Xie an eyesore?

    "Having been able to cure Ling Yue, was his fortune. Ling Yue, I know that you just recovered, and I have specially brought over some nourishing elixirs specially for you. You keep them first, and if you find that it's not enough, just tell me then. These elixirs were from the time my father went to the Qing Yun Clan years ago to get his hands on them. Now that the Qing Yun Clan is no longer around, these elixirs have become extremely rare. I believe that they will definitely be beneficial for you." As he spoke, Lin Feng then pulled out a bottle of elixirs from within his robes and quickly shoved it into Qu Ling Yue's hands.

    Qu Ling Yue wanted to reject him, but was unable to stand up against Lin Feng's insistence, and she could only hold it in her hand awkwardly.

    Lin Feng lifted his brow triumphantly as he glanced at Jun Xie. After the Qing Yun Clan disappeared, the remaining elixirs that had been from the Qing Yun Clan saw their prices increase by many folds and now, these things have become almost priceless treasures, where they were no longer available, even if you have money.

    Lin Feng did not believe that the little kid who has not even fully matured had been able to cure Qu Ling Yue's injuries.

    "I have fully recovered. These elixirs, I don't think I will have a use for them." Qu Ling Yue then said.
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