Chapter 958: “Thousand Beast City (4)”

    Chapter 958: "Thousand Beast City (4)"

    Lin Feng replied: "Even if you can't use it now,  it will be good to keep it with you. Your body constitution is a little weak and the elixirs from the Qing Yun Clan are hard to find. Just keep it with you just in case."

    Jun Wu Xie cast a brief glance at Lin Feng. She saw Lin Feng almost looking like he was trying to show off in front of her and that puzzled her a little. This was the first time she was meeting Lin Feng. So why was she detecting this obvious animosity towards her from him?

    Unknown to her, she had already been seen as potential foe in his pursuit of Qu Ling Yue and as Jun Wu Xie was still feeling puzzled, she could only hear Lin Feng incessantly harping on how rare and priceless the elixirs from the Qing Yun Clan was.

    If Lin Feng were to know that the one person responsible for causing the entire Qing Yun Clan to disappear from the face of these lands was actually Jun Xie whom he secretly despised at that moment, one wondered what Lin Feng would think of that.

    Xiong Ba was able to detect the disdain from Lin Feng's words and not having liked Lin Feng much in the first place, he immediately said: "Lin Feng, our Young Miss just came back and I need to send her back to the Grand Chieftain. If it is nothing important, do not hold us back here any further."

    Lin Feng swung his gaze towards Xiong Ba and his lips curled up in a cold smile. Based on seniority in the hierarchy, Xiong Ba would be on the same level as his father Lin Que, and he was supposed to address Xiong Ba as an uncle, but there wasn't a single tinge of respect in those eyes looking at Xiong Ba.

    "Alright, then Ling Yue, you should get some rest and I will not disturb you any further. After you are well rested today, I will go look for you tomorrow." After saying that, Lin Feng did not even look at Xiong Ba at all but just leapt onto his horse and rode off kicking up a cloud of dust.

    Xiong Ba's brows furrowed together as he looked at the departing figure of Lin Feng, his eyes looking highly displeased.

    "He is really getting more and more impudent with his ways." Qing Yu said, sounding a little peeved.

    "Lin Que has already switched his allegiance towards that person now, they would naturally think nothing of a Clan Hall Chief like me. His son would also naturally share his father's thoughts and views." Xiong Ba said with a sigh, and then looking apologetically towards Jun Xie. Although Lin Feng had not said a single word to Jun Xie earlier, but through his conversation with Qu Ling Yue, he had exhibited strong animosity and disdain towards Jun Xie and that had caused Xiong Ba to feeling highly embarrassed.

    "Young Master Jun, you must have been put in a tight spot. I am deeply apologetic."

    Jun Wu Xie was completely unaffected as she shook her head. "Who is he?"

    Xiong Ba said: "He is the Icy Frost Clan Hall's Chief, Lin Que's son. Besides the Grand Chieftain in the Thousand Beast City, there are four other clan halls, and Lin Que is from one of them. Lin Que is a sly one. Not long after that Purple Spirit returned here, he had already secretly aligned himself with that person. All these years, he had shown scant regard for the Grand Chieftain's authourity and only carried out tasks under that person's orders. In the recent years, the Grand Chieftain had been sending less and less men out on the expeditions but Lin Que had in order to please that person, frequently arranged for men to be sent out, leading to the deaths of many more of our brethren." Xiong Ba was looking pained as he spoke. The four Hall Chiefs were once close like brothers and despite at the current situation in the Thousand Beast City, they still stood with the Grand Chieftain.

    With the exception of Lin Que, who had betrayed the trust of all of them.

    "The current Thousand Beast City on its surface looks like the Grand Chieftain is in charge, but in reality, everything had fallen under the control of that person. Lin Que has gained the trust of that person and his position in the Thousand Beast City has already surpassed the other three Hall Chiefs, even to the extent that he challenges the Grand Chieftain. Sigh....." Xiong Ba sighed deeply, feeling depressed inside and angry on the outside. The Thousand Beast City was really seeing no end to the troubles upon them.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly. Little wonder Lin Feng had not even bothered to look Xiong Ba even once in the eye. Besides Qu Ling Yue, he had also disregarded Feng Yue Yang and Qing Yu completely.
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