Chapter 965: “Spirit Beast Arena (3)”

    Chapter 965: "Spirit Beast Arena (3)"

    If one successfully challenged the top ranked person and firmly maintained that first position without being defeated by any other challengers for a period of ten days, then that contestant would gain a prize from the Spirit Beast Arena, a Spirit Tamer Bracelet that gave one the ability to tame a low grade Spirit Beast.

    Once they receive the Spirit Tamer Bracelet, they could then go to one of the Clan Halls of their choice, to join them as a member.

    The four Clan Halls of the Thousand Beast City had a very strict criteria for the selection of their members and not everyone stood a chance. Qu Wen Hao had wanted to discover the highly talented individuals in the Thousand Beast City and did not want any of their gifted people to be overlooked and buried, so he had set up such a Spirit Beast Arena within the city.

    The rules looked to be relatively simple on the surface but there were many people who challenged repeatedly. To actually maintain themselves at the topmost rank for ten consecutive days was in reality highly difficult to achieve.

    Qing Yu explained these rules to Jun Xie as he led the youth towards the place.

    The Spirit Beast Arena was in the central region of the Thousand Beast City and it took up a rather significant amount of space. The guards standing at the entrance would check every single person going into the place very thoroughly.

    Within the Spirit Beast Arena, only battles between Spirit Beasts were carried out and they strictly forbade any form of cheating or deceit. If anyone dared to employ any unethical means to gain victory, all offenders caught would be severely dealt with. In more serious cases, those people could even be thrown out of the Thousand Beast City entirely.

    As Qing Yu was the Deputy Hall Chief of the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, the guards quickly recognized him and was highly respectful towards him.

    But rules of the Spirit Beast Arena were still strictly upheld by them and even when Jun Xie was brought in by Qing Yu, they conducted their checks just as thoroughly. Only after fully clearing the necessary checks were they then allowed to enter.

    The Spirit Beast Arena was open at the top and the battle stage that the Spirit Beasts fought on was fully exposed to the sky. Only the spectator stands surrounding the battle platform where people sat at were covered overhead.

    "Some Spirit Beasts that people have tamed are of the flying variety and if the roof was closed up, it was highly possible that it would greatly restrict the might of those Spirit Beasts. Hence, in view of being fair to all, the battle platform is not covered with a ceiling." Qing Yu explained to Jun Xie, pointing at the open sky above the battle stage.

    Jun Wu Xie silently observed the situation within the Spirit Beast Arena. The entire Spirit Beast Arena could be said to be filled to capacity. The people of the Thousand Beast City loved taming Spirit Beasts and they all yearned to be able to show off the fruits of their labour before everyone's eyes, to prove that they were talented in the taming of Spirit Beasts. All private duels and fighting between Spirits Beasts was prohibited in any other parts of the Thousand Beast City and that was the reason why the Spirit Beast Arena had become such a highly popular place in the Thousand Beast City.

    Many people were carrying Spirit Beasts who were not too large in size as they sat waiting at the sides. Some others had Spirit Beasts who were too large in size and those Spirit Beasts were not allowed to wait at the sides like them but were moved to an underground chamber below the Spirit Beast Arena where they would be temporarily contained, and only when their turn to battle came, would they then be released.

    Qing Yu and Jun Wu Xie found themselves an inconspicuous corner to sit down. On the battle platform, two low grade Spirit Beasts were battling hard. There were already quite a few wounds on their bodies and although the Spirit Battle Arena were strict against the use of any unethical means used to harm the Spirit Beasts, they however, did not set any limits to how far the Spirit Beasts could carry the battle out till. Hence, in the process of so many countless battles, instances of Spirit Beasts sustaining severe injuries or even deaths occurring were rather commonly seen.

    Watching the two low grade Spirit Beasts already badly covered in wounds, but still battling in close quarters with everything they had in a bloody melee, the thick stench of blood spread into the air. Coupled with the garish and bloody scene before their eyes, the surrounding spectators were caught up in a blood surging fervour, shouting out excitedly, loud cheers sounding out from their mouths, their eyes sparkling with exhilaration, staring unwaveringly at the almost cruel battle on stage.
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