Chapter 977: “Lord Meh Meh’s Rage (6)”

    Chapter 977: "Lord Meh Meh's Rage (6)"


    Not long after that, those people who had been so confident of themselves became fully aware of what it meant by a..... face slap!

    Lord Meh Meh stood upon the battle arena stage and won ten matches in a row without stopping!

    In the end.....

    Regardless of what shape or form the opposing Spirit Beast took, no matter how magnificent or dominating the Spirit Beast was when they stepped up onto the arena platform, once the starting bell for the match rang, that innocent and dumb looking Lord Meh Meh would just bleat feebly at the opponent a single time. Without exception, every single Spirit Beast had in the first instance, quickly turned around and run away with their tails between their legs.....

    Some had even immediately fallen into a dead faint right upon the stage, foaming at the mouth, with their eyes upturned into their heads..... just like the ferocious tiger Spirit Beast had in the beginning!

    In such a situation, all those who had attempted to find excuses for the strange situation to justify their initial assumptions immediately shut up.

    When that happened to one Spirit Beast, they thought that it was an accident, two Spirit Beasts and it could be coincidence, but when the third..... the fourth..... the fifth.....

    People already came to understand that this was not an accident, nor was it mere coincidence, but..... was caused by that naive and innocent looking sheep!

    They saw with their eyes peeled wide open as towering and magnificent Spirit Beasts were frightened into a scrambling mass, resulting in embarrassing incontinence..... Those sore sights..... very nearly made everyone's hearts fail and stop beating!

    Ten matches in quick succession. Not a single drop of blood, no rending and tearing, no struggle. From the beginning till the end, it proceeded on at an unprecedented speed.

    Once Lord Meh Meh opened its mouth, all the Spirit Beasts fell and begged for mercy!

    People who came to attempt the Spirit Beast Arena matches were basically people who did not possess a Spirit Tamer Bracelet. They came here trying to achieve victory, to win for themselves the Spirit Tamer Bracelet offered by the Spirit Beast Arena as a prize. All their Spirit Beasts were just low grade Spirit Beasts and there wasn't even a middle grade one among them!

    And anyone who possessed a Spirit Tamer Bracelet would not be allowed to participate in matches at the Spirit Beast Arena.

    Being placed among a bunch of low grade Spirit Beasts, Lord Meh Meh, a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast who had concealed its real dominating presence was completely like a crane among a flock of chickens, standing tall among common stock! Utter disregard for the competition.

    Throughout the ten matches, Lord Meh Meh did not even raise its hoof even once off the ground. All it did was to open its mouth ten times, bleated ten times, and it had defeated all its opponents in seconds, winning all its matches extremely easily.....

    Used to seeing the brutal and exciting slaughter between Spirit Beasts, the crowd was suddenly feeling highly confused and in disarray.

    They could not find the words to express how they were feeling at that moment into words.

    The only thing they wanted to say was.....

    [What kind of a nonsense was that dumb sheep! ?]

    [A low grade Spirit Beast like this actually exists that just needs it to open its mouth to make a noise and all other Spirit Beasts would be frightened into incontinence?]

    [How could that be possible! ?]

    In the end, the announcer was completely shocked beyond words. After the last match ended, Jun Wu Xie carried Lord Meh Meh who had so fought so "painstakingly" off the stage and the announcer still had not recovered.

    Jun Wu Xie carried Lord Meh Meh in her arms and under everyone's watchful eyes, she came to stand beside Qing Yu. Qing Yu was looking highly unwell at that moment.

    He had just been thinking earlier whether the dumb sheep would require him to go save it in the middle of the match and the result..... the sheep had not even given him one single opportunity to act, finishing the "battle" in the blink of an eye, which totally further crumbled his already shattered heart from his nail biting worry.

    "I won ten matches. I can challenge the top ten now?" Jun Wu Xie asked Qing Yu as she rewarded Lord Meh Meh by ruffling and rubbing its soft wool. Compared to the bloody and gory battles from before, she thought that Lord Meh Meh's method of defeating its opponents in seconds was very much more admirable.

    At least it didn't bring about that foul stench of blood.
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