Chapter 978: “Lord Meh Meh’s Rage (7)”

    Chapter 978: "Lord Meh Meh's Rage (7)"

    "What?" Qing Yu finally returned to his senses after some great effort but was immediately stunned once again by Jun Xie's question.

    He had thought that Jun Xie had just wanted to play at Spirit Beast battle but in the end..... He was fully intent on following the rules of the Spirit Beast Arena and going on to challenge the top ten? !

    "Young Master Jun, you want to challenge the top ten?" Qing Yu wasn't really sure he heard correctly and he asked the youth again.

    Jun Wu Xie answered: "To put it more accurately, the top ranked one."

    Only when one attained the top rank in the Spirit Beast Arena and remained undefeated for ten consecutive days, would one be gifted with a Spirit Tamer Bracelet. The only reason that Jun Wu Xie had participated in the competition at the Spirit Beast Arena had always been because she was aiming for the Spirit Tamer Bracelet from the beginning.

    "....." Qing Yu's mouth was opened so wide that you can easily pop a whole egg into it!

    "That..... that..... " Qing Yu was looking highly flustered.

    "Where do I issue the challenge?" Jun Wu Xie asked without beating around the bush.

    He suddenly found himself experiencing Jun Xie's stubbornness first hand and Qing Yu knew that he would not be able to convince the Young Master otherwise. He was left with no choice but to steel himself and he lead Jun Xie to a hall at the back of the arena. When the person in charge of the Spirit Beast Arena heard the news that Jun Xie intended to challenge the Spirit Beast Arena's current top ranked person, he stared so hard his eyes almost popped out of his head. He turned his shocked gaze upon Lord Meh Meh and it stayed there for a long moment before he asked Qing Yu many times repeatedly to be certain that his ears had heard the man correctly before he was able make himself believe that Jun Xie wasn't kidding.

    "If..... The Young Master really intends to issue the challenge, then the Spirit Beast Arena will inform the first ranked Spirit Beast's owner tonight and Young Master Jun can just bring your Spirit Beast here tomorrow afternoon to carry on with the battle." The man in charge informed them accordingly. He had heard of the strange happenings stagefront that day and he found it just as incredulous that the innocent looking sheep in Jun Xie's arms could really frighten so many Spirit Beasts into submission with just its bleating.

    "Alright." Jun Wu Xie agreed to the arrangements and did not ask a word more but just immediately turned to leave, with Lord Meh Meh and the little black cat in tow.

    And Qing Yu who had been carrying the big eared rabbit all this time quickly hastened to follow behind with a highly distressed expression on his face.

    "Young Master Jun, are you sure you want to carry on with this? From what I know, although the person currently holding the first rank is a youth, but his father is the Icy Frost Clan Hall's Deputy Chief. He might not yet possess the Spirit Tamer Bracelet, but he has already learnt the Beast Control Principle. The Spirit Beast that he currently possesses, could be considered to be the most elite among low grade Spirit Beasts, and it might even be able to resist against some of the medium grade Spirit Beasts." Qing Yu said worriedly. People who were able to firmly hold the Spirit Beast Arena's first rank for any period were few and far between, and anyone who had been able to hold that position for more than five days were considered to be highly skilled and formidable.

    The person who was currently holding the top rank in the Spirit Beast Arena had already maintained that position for eight days straight. And if he succeeded in holding back Jun Xie's challenge tomorrow, then he would be immediately gifted with the Spirit Tamer Bracelet as his prize.

    Qing Yu had not been in the Thousand Beast City for a period and he wasn't too sure about how the situation was like at the Spirit Beast Arena at that moment. But as Jun Xie was showing such high interest in the Spirit Beast Arena, he had no choice but to find out a little bit more about it, so as to not let Jun Xie's participation happen in so passive a manner.

    "Got it." Jun Wu Xie answered quickly. Unless it was a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, or any other kind of Spirit Beast when put in front of Lord Meh Meh would be undoubtedly reduced into weak mush.

    There was no need to gather any intelligence.

    Jun Wu Xie could not be bothered to know what kind of Spirit Beast the top ranked person possessed. She carried Lord Meh Meh in her arms and keeping her earlier promise, she got Little Lotus to secretly slip some lotus leaves inside her sleeve. Without Qing Yu knowing what was really going on, she broke off small pieces of the lotus leaves and she fed them right into Lord Meh Meh's mouth bit by bit, which Lord Meh Meh enjoyed so much it was bleating in delight!
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