Chapter 980: “Adorwable Wabbit” (2)”

    Chapter 980: "Adorwable Wabbit" (2)"

    The big eared rabbit's injuries had stabilized and the only more severe affliction was its high loss of blood. Jun Wu Xie brought the big eared rabbit back to her room and used a handkerchief dabbed with warm water to slowly wipe the blood off its fur.

    Although she detested the foul stench of blood, at that moment, she did not feel the slightest disdain but only quietly and patiently dealt with the numerous wounds covering the big eared rabbit's body.

    Tasks similar to this, was what she had carried out many times before. Before she was roped into the organization, she had stayed at a veterinary clinic. There, she had used her hands of resurrection to pull back countless of these small animals' lives from the brink of death.

    Due to her disdain and rejection towards humans, Jun Wu Xie had naturally found solace with those little animals. Even when she had to put up with the pungent stench of blood at all moments of the day, she had not shown the slightest impatience towards them.

    "Do you intend to keep it?" The little black cat had after ascertaining that there was no other humans around, asked using human speech. It leapt up onto the table and circled the tiny big eared rabbit breathing weakly as it lay on the table. The big eared rabbit was more adorable looking than normal rabbits, but as it had many garish wounds all over its body, it looked rather scary at that moment.

    "Don't know." Jun Wu Xie shook her head. She had brought the big eared rabbit back, but she had not thought further than that. She had only thought that if she had left it there to die then, it would make her feel extremely uncomfortable.

    "This rabbit is too weak and frail. If it stays with you, it will be dangerous for it as well. If you do not intend to keep it, maybe you should give it to Qu Ling Yue. Girls should love them." The little black cat suggested a little too quickly. As when he thought about it..... It had seemed to have unconsciously excluded its Mistress from its definition of "girls".

    Jun Wu Xie uttered a quick "mmm" non committedly as she finally finished cleaning the blood off the big eared rabbit's body. Back at the Spirit Beast Arena, she had had limited time and resources and she could only deal with it in the most rudimentary manner. Now that she was back, the most critical part of the treatment began.

    After disinfecting the wounds, she make the big eared rabbit swallow another elixir to replenish its blood. Although its injuries were serious, fortunately its internal organs were still intact, or it would have been a lot more troublesome.

    Jun Wu Xie toiled at it for quite a while before she finally completed the entire treatment process. She gently placed the big eared rabbit on the bed before she went to wash the stench of blood off her body.

    Having feasted on quite a bit of lotus leaves, Lord Meh Meh was feeling highly contented and was just pacing around the room leisurely. When it saw the big eared rabbit actually being carried by Jun Wu Xie to be placed on the bed, it was suddenly displeased as it felt like its personal space had been invaded.

    'Tap tap tap.'

    Its four hooves scuttled quickly to bring it to the side of the bed and with a light leap, it jumped onto the bed.

    The black cat was plopped upon the table and staring lazily at Lord Meh Meh's "childish" actions as it slowly swished its long tail in the air.

    "Meh!" Lord Meh Meh stood upon the bed and stared at the big eared rabbit, bleating angrily for the rabbit to go away.

    [This space is Lord Meh Meh's territory! You naughty rabbit, go away!]

    The comatose big eared rabbit did not hear Lord Meh Meh's bleating. It just laid there unmoving, peacefully asleep.

    Lord Meh Meh was even more infuriated. It raised up a hoof, thinking to push the big eared rabbit out of its territory.

    The little black cat who was monitoring Lord Meh Meh's actions saw the situation and immediately leapt onto the bed.

    The rabbit had only been saved after much effort spent by Jun Wu Xie and if this dumb sheep killed it, Jun Wu Xie would absolutely explode!

    However, the little black cat was still a step too late. Lord Meh Meh's tiny hoof had already touched the big eared rabbit's body and Lord Meh Meh had not used much force as it had only wanted the rabbit to get off its bed.....
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