Chapter 982: “Sacrificial Blood Rabbit (1)”

    Spirit Beasts like the big eared rabbit were not rare and very commonly seen.

    But Jun Wu Xie had never seen or heard of a big eared rabbit that held such a high level of consciousness, and.....

    Definitely not one who was able to change colours!

    "Are you really a big eared rabbit?" Jun Wu Xie asked, staring at the bashful rabbit. Just moments earlier, she had seen with her own eyes the scene when this rabbit had been right about to get into a fight with Lord Meh Meh. Lord Meh Meh had at that time already released its majestic Guardian Grade Spirit Beast's presence and if it had been any other low grade Spirit Beast, they would have immediately been reduced to a similar state as those Spirit Beasts back at the arena, to fall into a dead faint, twitching in fear.

    But this big eared rabbit had not only not shown the slightest signs of fear, it had instead exhibited its readiness to slug it out with Lord Meh Meh there and then. If Jun Wu Xie still persisted to think of it as just being an ordinary big eared rabbit, then she would be acting really dumb.

    "Puu?" The big eared rabbit's blood red pair of eyes showed high puzzlement.

    "It asked what is a big eared rabbit?" With no choice, the little black cat had translated for Jun Wu Xie. The little black cat was now very certain, that the little one which looked exactly like a big eared rabbit, was surely not a big eared rabbit!

    "What are you?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed.

    "Puu..... Puu....." The big eared rabbit shook it head coyly, and buried its face into those big ears it had.

    The little black cat's mouth began to twitch.

    "It doesn't know."

    "....." Jun Wu Xie was speechless. Just what was the truth behind this little rabbit that looked exactly like a big eared rabbit? Even the rabbit itself did not know. When that thought crossed her mind, her gaze subconsciously fell upon Lord Meh Meh who was rubbing itself against her leg incessantly. From the reactions of Lord Meh Meh, it seemed like it knew the origins of the big eared rabbit.

    "What kind of a Spirit Beast is it?" Jun Wu Xie asked Lord Meh Meh.

    Lord Meh Meh blinked its eyes and looked at the big eared rabbit before turning it eyes back on Jun Wu Xie.

    "Meh meh meh meh meh....."

    A whole barrel of highly anguished bleats that could literally drive a person insane suddenly erupted within the room. The little black cat saw stars in its eyes as it listened to the long tirade of bleats. It was suddenly feeling highly overwhelmed with the realization of the intense gravity of the situation that depended on the correctness of its translation this time round!

    When Lord Meh Meh finished with its long "mehing" tirade, the little black cat drew in one deep breath.

    "Allow me to arrange it properly a moment....." The information load was too great and it was not able to finish saying everything at one go.

    Jun Wu Xie waited and after a moment, the little black cat started to speak.

    "The dumb sheep said the rabbit is called the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit. Although it looks very much alike to the big eared rabbit, they are completely different in essence. When very young, the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit is exactly like the big eared rabbit, and only after undergoing baptism through blood will its innate abilities be awakened. The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit is a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast that lives through blood and the dumb sheep has met one before. That is the reason why it had been able to recognise the scent of the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit then. This little Sacrificial Blood Rabbit should still be very young and its innate abilities had not yet awakened. That was why it was mistaken for a big eared rabbit and mistakenly kept as a pet. But the bloody and gory battle at the arena had brought out its innate powers and they have suddenly awoken....." The little black cat beat around the bush without being able to get to the point, as its mind had gone blank. It could not help but think to itself. A unmatured Guardian Grade Spirit Beast had been bitten almost to death by a low grade Spirit Beast. Having seen the wounds the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit suffered at that time, it thought that if Jun Wu Xie had not gone to save it, it would have been for nought even if those powers had been awakened.

    As a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit's awakening process was really strange.

    In reality, young Sacrificial Blood Rabbits would usually be led by adult Sacrificial Blood Rabbits. Before its innate abilities awaken, its parents would always protect their young to ensure their safety and accidents like this seldom occurred. But it was not known what had happened to this Sacrificial Blood Rabbit that caused it to be caught by humans when it was younger and kept as a big eared rabbit.

    Chapter 982: "Sacrificial Blood Rabbit (1)"
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