Chapter 983: “Sacrificial Blood Rabbit (2)”

    Chapter 983: "Sacrificial Blood Rabbit (2)"

    A young Sacrificial Blood Rabbit, before its innate powers awoke, was almost no different as a big eared rabbit, except that it possessed a stronger life force. In terms of power in battle, they were basically the same, and that was why it had been so badly ravaged by even a low grade Spirit Beast, and was reduced to that sorry a state.

    After Jun Wu Xie saved it, the blood it bled had awoken its innate abilities which caused it to reveal the look that a Sacrificial Blood Rabbit was supposed to possess.

    Jun Wu Xie stared wordlessly at the immensely bashful Sacrificial Blood Rabbit, looking at its blood red coat of fur and her expression changed, looking rather conflicted. It had merely been because her previous veterinarian instincts had taken over at that moment which did not allow her to watch a furry little bunny die so pitifully right before her eyes and never would she have thought, that the rabbit she had inadvertently brought back would actually hold such a big story behind it.

    If the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit's original owner came to know about this, that the big eared rabbit that he had tried all ways and means to get killed, was in fact a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast..... He might very well vomit out blood in endless regret.

    "Puu~" The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit raised up its eyes slightly to peek shyly at Jun Wu Xie.

    After its innate powers awoke, even its once ignorant consciousness had opened up. It remembered all that had happened in the past, and knew that it had been abandoned by its previous owner, including the fact that its life had been saved by Jun Wu Xie.

    As its consciousness was opening up, it had clearly remembered that it was being carried within Jun Wu Xie's arms as she had carefully treated its wounds. The warmth that it had felt in those arms at that time, had made this Spirit Beast whose consciousness had just awoken, quickly develop a high level of dependence towards Jun Wu Xie.

    Just like an unfledged nestling that just broke out of its shell.

    Seeing the highly expectant eyes of the Sacrificial Rabbit looking at her so pitifully, an ache came into Jun Wu Xie's heart.

    If it had been just an ordinary big eared rabbit, she would have nursed it till it fully recovered, and passed it on to Qu Ling Yue to keep.

    But it wasn't that easy for a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast.

    Even when it was still so young, the power and intelligence of a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast had already begun to sprout. If it was not willing, even if she insisted on sending it to Qu Ling Yue, the rabbit would not remain there for long, and it might even cause harm to a person in its anger.

    And seeing those expectant eyes so filled with anticipation, Jun Wu Xie could almost see the same scene back in the Battle Spirits Forest, where a sneaky Lord Meh Meh had surreptitiously followed behind her all that time.

    Eyes that looked like that, she really could not help but to find them rather familiar.

    This Sacrificial Blood Rabbit, had obviously decided to cling onto her!

    Lord Meh Meh had detected those very intentions that the Sacrificial Rabbit harboured which had caused it to strongly oppose Jun Wu Xie from saving the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit. It had been afraid that when the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit awoke, it would have to compete for its Feedstress with the rabbit!

    "Meh meh meh! !"

    [Lord Meh Meh will not allow a rabbit like you to remain here! Feedstress belongs to Lord Meh Meh! You bad rabbit! Get out from here!]

    Lord Meh Meh stood right in front of Jun Wu Xie, declaring his right of possession before the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit.

    "Puu!" Pricked by Lord Meh Meh challenge, the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit popped its head out from under its ears as those blood scarlet eyes narrowed, and its pupils turned into vertical slits.

    "If you dare to fight, you can both scram." Just as the two adorable Spirit Beasts were about to strike, Jun Wu Xie's voice rang out frostily.

    Instantly, Lord Meh Meh whined pitifully and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit trembled and hugged its floppy ears in its paws, twisting its body in embarrassment.


    [Wabbit be good, Mistress don't abandon wabbit.]

    The little black cat translated expressionlessly word for word. Jun Wu Xie did not want to say anything more. Having seen how insistent Lord Meh Meh had been then, she knew that if she tried to chase the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit away, the chances of success would be almost zilch!
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