Chapter 994: “Even Before the Water Had Calmed (5)”

    Chapter 994: "Even Before the Water Had Calmed (5)"

    "Be a little more careful yourself. If you feel it is too much of a bother deal with, just tell the Spirit Beast Arena and withdraw your participation." Xiong Ba wasn't too concerned about the Spirit Beast Arena and he could not understand why Jun Xie had suddenly developed such a strong interest towards the Spirit Beast Arena.

    Fortunately, although the Thousand Beast City was controlled by that person at that time, that person wouldn't involve herself with such trifling matters and it would basically still be Qu Wen Hao who would decide in matters like this, hence, the Icy Frost Clan would not dare to carry this matter too far.

    "I know." Jun Wu Xie replied. She was not worried that the people from the Spirit Beast Arena would be able to detect anything on Lord Meh Meh. She knew as long as Lord Meh Meh willed it, it was able to completely hide its powers and regardless of how hard they might try to check, it would still show itself to be just a low grade Spirit Beast.

    Jun Wu Xie did not want Lord Meh Meh's identity as a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast to be exposed and neither was she about to give up on the Spirit Tamer Bracelet. She would wait to see just what kind of things the Icy Frost Clan would be able to come up with.

    "If you know, then that's good enough." Xiong Ba was very confident of that highly intelligent mind in that little head and with Jun Xie's word of assurance, he wasn't really too worried about it.

    The Fiery Blaze Clan had somewhat settled down after that fiery exchange earlier but things within the Icy Frost Clan at that moment was bubbling to a boil.

    "What? Shangguan Yan did not manage to capture Jun Xie's Spirit Beast?" Lin Feng stared at the servant kneeling before him. He had sent people to inform his father earlier, asking for him to have Jun Xie's Spirit Beast investigated and his father had sent Shangguan Yan over. Afterall, the one who had gotten injured was Shangguan Miao and Shangguan Yan would surely not be soft while still in a rage for what had happened to his son.

    Unexpectedly, they had still not managed to get their hands on Jun Xie's Spirit Beast and they had even been severely berated by Xiong Ba in the end.

    "The Clan Chief of the Fiery Blaze said that even if an inspection was to be done, it would have to be at the Spirit Beast Arena and that would be happen when someone challenges them. Young Master, the Spirit Beast Arena is under the Grand Chieftain's purview and even the Icy Frost Clan would not be able to interfere with the way they work." The servant said softly.

    Lin Feng's jaw clenched up tightly. Shangguan Miao was still bedridden while Jun Xie had just come to the Thousand Beast City for barely two days and he had already taken the Spirit Beast Arena's top rank. If this news reached Qu Ling Yue, it would be disastrous.

    Lin Feng racked his brains, thinking the matter cannot end here.

    Suddenly, an idea struck him!

    "How is the Devious Wyvern's progress these few days?" Lin Feng suddenly asked.

    The servant was startled a moment before he said with a nod: "Its taming is almost about to complete."

    "Good." Lin Feng said with a cold laugh. "A little boy from outside really thinks his own little Spirit Beast can come to the Thousand Beast City and declare its dominance here? I would really like to see whether his low grade Spirit Beast is able to stand before the might of the Devious Wyvern!"

    When the servant heard that, it immediately bowed his head to the ground in plea.

    "Young Master! That idea must not be considered! The Devious Wyvern is the congratulatory gift the Master has prepared for Great Grandaunt. If he finds out that you took the Devious Wyvern out, I'm afraid....."

    "Shut up!" Lin Feng said angrily. "I am only borrowing the Devious Wyvern for a day or two. What can happen? Don't tell me you really think that that tiny low grade Spirit Beast will be able to harm the Devious Wyvern? I am merely feeding the Devious Wyvern a tiny snack that's all. After it swallows up Jun Xie's Spirit Beast, I will naturally bring the Devious Wyvern safely back, and father will still be able to offer it as a gift to Great Grandaunt."

    The servant remained shivering on the floor, not daring to say a word.

    Ling Feng was marveling at his own brilliance. The Devious Wyvern had been hardly difficult to tame and his father had only managed to get it tamed after he found an old man who had lived in seclusion for many years to gradually tame it. And the Devious Wyvern recognised its owner not by the person, but it was by an item!
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