Chapter 996: “Devious Wyvern (2)”

    Chapter 996: "Devious Wyvern (2)"

    The Devious Wyvern had been in Lin Que's hands all this while and after successfully taming it, it was to be gifted to that person. But the Devious Wyvern had now appeared in the Spirit Beast Arena and that was a matter thought to be rather incredulous.

    People who were had the authourity to bring out the Devious Wyvern, besides Lin Que himself, the next person could only be his son, Lin Feng!

    Lin Feng's animosity against Jun Xie, had begun from the moment Jun Xie had first come to the Thousand Beast City. Now that Lin Feng's closest friend, Shangguan Miao, who was almost like a brother to him, had even gotten severely injured because of Jun Xie, Lin Feng was even more driven to exact revenge upon Jun Xie, and that was why he had so daringly pushed the incredibly precious Devious Wyvern into the fracas.

    The Spirit Beast Arena only controlled whether contestants possessed a Spirit Tamer Bracelet and did not set any limits on the grade of the Spirit Beasts that could compete.

    And as the matter about the Devious Wyvern had been a well kept secret, the people of the Spirit Beast Arena had naturally not recognized it.

    Qing Yu knew all about it but he could not reveal any information about it to the public. As that was meant as a gift for that person and if it was made known now, that person might be forced to act immediately instead.

    "Is that so?" Jun Wu Xie replied nonchalantly.

    Qing Yu saw that Jun Xie was not the least bit nervous and that made him more anxious instead. "That Devious Wyvern has been with Lin Que for more than a year and it might very well have molted its scales once more since I last heard about it. Young Master Jun, there really isn't a point to continue with this competition anymore."

    Jun Wu Xie did not reply. Whatever Qing Yu had thought of, Jun Wu Xie would naturally be able to do the same.

    The appearance of the Devious Wyvern, was undoubtedly an act of revenge from some damned kid, but.....

    He had chosen the wrong person to mess with this time!

    Jun Wu Xie did not give Qing Yu any reply and Qing Yu had thought that Jun Xie had finally realized the gravity of the matter and was now reconsidering it, which allowed him to sigh in relief softly.

    Jun Wu Xie went back to her room and she stared at the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit currently locked in a scuffle with Lord Meh Meh on the bed, her brows quickly creasing up tightly together to form a deep frown.


    [Go away, you scheming rabbit! This is Lord Meh Meh's territory!]


    [Nonsense! This is the Mistress' burrow!]

    The two dumb beasts did not use any of their Guardian Grade Spirit Beast powers and were only purely using their current tiny bodies in their fight. Lord Meh Meh was biting on the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit's ears while the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit's mouth was nibbling on Lord Meh Meh's stubby tail.....

    "Cough." Jun Wu Xie coughed very lightly. The moment the two dumb beasts saw that Jun Wu Xie had appeared, they immediately let go of each other. Like two toddlers who had done something wrong, they speedily retreated to the extreme ends of the bed on opposing sides, their heads lowered guiltily, unable to look at Jun Wu Xie in the eye.

    They both knew very well that, Jun Wu Xie strictly forbade them to fight each other.

    "Know of the Devious Wyvern?" Jun Wu Xie turned to Lord Meh Meh to ask.

    Lord Meh Meh looked up, its face looking completely blank, obvious that it did not know anything about it.

    The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit wouldn't have even heard about it and it just stood there with its big round eyes looking at Jun Wu Xie, trying its best to look as adorable as it could be.

    Jun Wu Xie considered all that Qing Yu had told her and even if the Devious Wyvern had molted its scales for the third time, it would have just become a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast recently. And to Lord Meh Meh, that really wouldn't count to be much.

    But to play it safe, Jun Wu Xie still asked Lord Meh Meh what were the chances for it to defeat a newly promoted Guardian Grade Spirit Beast.

    Lord Meh Meh had thought that Jun Wu Xie was referring to the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit with her question and it immediately puffed up its tiny chest to proclaim proudly in an imperious tone.


    [Lord Meh Meh can take on ten of them at a time!]

    With Lord Meh Meh's reply, Jun Wu Xie quickly wiped away her concerns.

    Early the next morning, when Qing Yu was thinking that Jun Xie would not be going to answer the challenge when he suddenly found that Jun Xie had brought Lord Meh Meh and left the clan hall just a moment before he came. All the brothers of the Fiery Blaze Clan who saw the youth told him that the youth had left going towards the direction of the Spirit Beast Arena!
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