Chapter 1005: “The Devious Wyvern’s Spirit Stone (3)”

    Chapter 1005: "The Devious Wyvern's Spirit Stone (3)"

    A precise slit was forcibly torn in Jun Wu Xie's palm by the golden light tendrils and blood oozed out from the wound. The golden tendrils then dragged the spirit stone right inside Jun Wu Xie's palm and it got stained red as it got wrapped up within the flesh.

    "Damn! What is happening here! ?" The little black cat was highly flustered, as he saw the colour on Jun Wu Xie's face getting worse by the second. It leapt up and wanted to tear the golden tendrils off Jun Wu Xie's hand but it had just lightly touched those tendrils lightly when it saw Jun Wu Xie cringe up further in unbearable pain.

    Seeing that, the little black cat did not dare to act rashly anymore, but just got itself dizzy with panic.

    Just as Jun Wu Xie thought that the golden tendrils were about to drag the spirit stone completely in her palm, the light from the golden tendrils suddenly exploded in a brilliant burst!

    A comfortable and cooling sensation quickly spread through Jun Wu Xie's entire body!

    The feeling of the foreign object under her flesh was gradually disappearing.....

    The golden tendrils wrapped around the spirit stone dissipated as they disappeared around the wound, the golden light assimilating into Jun Wu Xie's blood and bones.....

    The wound was still a clearly visible gory bloody slit and blood still ran down along the lines on her palms before dripping onto the floor. Jun Wu Xie looked at her own hand with a puzzled expression on her face. Everything that had just happened was entirely too strange and stranger things were about to play out before Jun Wu Xie's eyes.

    The wound on her palm began to gradually close up at a very slow speed. The split in her palm was no longer bleeding and she could clear feel the flesh regrowing and healing, the amazing feeling spreading over her whole hand.

    The speed of the healing was not really very fast, but it was however, still at a speed that was faster than anyone could heal.

    "What is really going on here?" As intelligent as Jun Wu Xie was, she still had no idea what was going on with her own body. What were those golden tendrils? Why had they suddenly appeared in her palm and why did it want to drag the Devious Wyvern's spirit stone into her body?

    Even with all the numerous inconceivable things that she had experienced before, Jun Wu Xie still had no explanation for the things that was happening here.

    The little black cat saw that Jun Wu Xie was standing there in a daze and it immediately jumped up onto Jun Wu Xie's shoulder, to carefully study Jun Wu Xie's wound.

    "What happened just now?" The little black cat asked, its tone rather anxious.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head and was going to analyse the entire situation carefully. Just as she was preparing to sit down, a tyrannical and dominating force forcibly pulled her consciousness into an engulfing darkness!

    It was quiet all around her. Jun Wu Xie stood within the silent darkness. It felt like her surroundings did not even exist, and even her own body felt a little ephemeral.

    This place, was not too unfamiliar to Jun Wu Xie. The first time that she had devoured a ring spirit, she had come here to this dark spiritual dimension, and instead of saying that she was elsewhere, it might as well be said that she was within her own self.

    "Kid!" A deep voice suddenly sounded from within the darkness.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her head slightly, as she looked towards the source of the sound.

    Within the darkness, two faintly glowing lights that glimmered faintly appeared, and the lights were at that moment coming straight towards her!

    However, when those two lights came out through the darkness, it was discovered that it had not been any source of light, but was instead two sharp and deeply penetrating eyes!

    A large head poked out from within the darkness, and a soft faint glow shone about half a metre around Jun Wu Xie., which at the same time illuminated that head nearby! The head looked serpentine and was covered entirely with black scales, and the rest of its body below its head was still shrouded within the darkness.
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