Chapter 1033: “Birthday Banquet (8)”

    Chapter 1033: "Birthday Banquet (8)"

    Before this, Lin Que had made Lin Feng collaborate their statements and when he had come to report the matter to Qu Xin Rui, Lin Que had pinned the entire blame for the incident onto Jun Xie. They had thought that Qu Xin Rui would not pursue the matter any further after that and they had gotten away scot free. But Qu Xin Rui had suddenly brought up the matter now and Jun Xie had replied in such a manner.....

    Lin Feng was immediately feeling highly worried. If Qu Xin Rui started to become suspicious on whether his father had spoken the truth, and found out that he had actually been the one who had arranged for the Devious Wyvern to be brought in to stir up trouble with Jun Xie, it would become extremely hard for him to answer for it.

    When Qu Xin Rui heard what Jun Xie said, her eyes narrowed up and her gaze swept over to Lin Feng who had his head lowered and his entire body completely tensed up. She did not say anything to him but turned back to Jun Xie and said smilingly: "It must have all been an understanding. Although the Devious Wyvern was highly precious to me, but since it is now gone, then it's gone, and Young Master Jun does not have to feel guilty about it. But I am wondering, after your Spirit Beast swallowed up the Devious Wyvern, did it show any strange reactions? The Devious Wyvern is no ordinary Spirit Beast and its unique abilities is not known by the average person."

    Jun Wu Xie's expression changed a little. Qu Xin Rui's words did not feel like she was trying to find fault with her but was instead expressing goodwill. It was a sign that Qu Xin Rui wasn't going to pursue the matter any further and from the words that Qu Xin Rui had earlier said in their conversation, Jun Wu Xie realised that Qu Xin Rui was even thinking of telling her about the Devious Wyvern's unique ability!

    In regards to the Devious Wyvern, Jun Wu Xie did not know much about it, but she had been able to make a rather accurate deduction that the Devious Wyvern was not just any ordinary Spirit Beast.

    Or, why would it be able to induce these people from the mighty Twelve Palaces to make a move on it, and cause the Soaring Serpent and the golden seed within her body to stir so restlessly?

    The Soaring Serpent wanted the Devious Wyvern, and it had been very anxious about it.

    Jun Wu Xie had felt that the Soaring Serpent had not truthfully revealed the entire truth and since Qu Xin Rui was seemingly willing to clear the doubts for her, what reason would she have to refuse?

    "My Spirit Beast had not shown any unusual reactions recently but if Miss Qu is willing to instruct me a little, the humble Jun Xie would listen most attentively." Having sensed that Qu Xin Rui was showing goodwill towards her, and although Jun Wu Xie did not know the reason behind it, she at least knew this.....

    If someone was so eager to offer assistance, why shouldn't she accept?

    Qu Xin Rui saw that Jun Xie was hooked and she continued on to say with a smile: "The Devious Wyvern molts its scales a total of three times in its life. In the beginning, the Devious Wyvern is merely just a high grade Spirit Beast. But after its repeated molting of its scales, it will be promoted to become a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. Throughout the world, an ability like this is unique only to this Spirit Beast. Does little Young Master Jun know from where did the Devious Wyvern gets this special ability from?"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    Qu Xin Rui said: "According to legend, it is said that the Devious Wyvern is a Spirit Beast born from all spiritual bodies in both Heaven and Earth and it is born with a spirit stronger than its mortal flesh. Every time it molts its scales, its mortal flesh would undergo a round of shock. The Devious Wyvern's spirit is different from other Spirit Beasts and it is rumoured that within the Devious Wyvern's spirit, a mystifying power lays hidden, a power that would enable humans to gain an entryway that leads to the Spirit World....."

    "Spirit World?" Jun Wu Xie was slightly surprised. That term was not strange to her as Little Lotus had mentioned it a few times. But Little Lotus had not spoken very clearly about it and Jun Wu Xie had only been able to get a good guess out of it. The Spirit World should be the realm that ring spirits reside in before they are awakened.

    Jun Wu Xie had not thought that she would ever hear the words, Spirit World, coming out from Qu Xin Rui's mouth!

    "The Spirit World. That was a place that nobody had gone to before. Only spirits are allowed to enter that place." Qu Xin Rui was smiling faintly, her fingertips lightly brushing over her chest, her demeanor looking highly alluring!
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