Chapter 1046: “Invite (2)”

    Chapter 1046: "Invite (2)"

    As she spoke, Jun Wu Xie poured Xiong Ba a cup of tea and Xiong Ba drank it up in a single gulp. It was rather strange, but the anxiety and nerves were seemingly slowly soothed by the fragrance of the tea and Xiong Ba managed to calm down quite a bit. He took a seat on a chair at the side and looked like his raging emotions had settled quite a bit.

    But before Xiong Ba was able to completely calm himself down, Qing Xu came running, in a worried fluster.

    "People from the Heavenly Cloud Chambers are here." Qing Yu said with a deep frown on his face.

    Xiong Ba shot to his feet from the chair. "What are people from the Heavenly Cloud Chambers here for?"

    Qing Yu's gaze fell upon the figure of Jun Xie.

    "Qu Xin Rui would like to invite Young Master Jun for a visit to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers."

    Xiong Ba's face immediately darkened. He had just been worried that Qu Xin Rui would take action soon to poach Jun Xie and it had now resulted in this. They had just met last night and Qu Xin Rui had already sent people here bright and early in the morning to invite Jun Xie over there.

    Jun Wu Xie stood up and said: "I'll go."

    "You cannot!" Xiong Ba was immediately displeased. The terror that Qu Xin Rui was in his heart made Xiong Ba not dare to have Jun Xie come into such close contact with Qu Xin Rui.

    Jun Wu Xie swung her gaze over to Xiong Ba and said: "Do you wish that I go over voluntarily or to see me forcibly dragged over there by the people from the Heavenly Cloud Chambers?"

    Qing Yu then added: "One of Qu Xin Rui's close aides came this time."

    Xiong Ba was immediately speechless.

    All of Qu Xin Rui's close aides possessed the power of the Purple Spirit and if Jun Xie refused the invitation, the other party might very well do it by force.

    What was really depressing was the fact that they would not be able to defeat him!

    "You have to be very careful. Qu Xin Rui is really not a good person." Xiong Ba said, looking at Jun Xie very seriously.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded and stood up to leave.

    A tall man was standing at the main doors of the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall and that was the man that Jun Wu Xie had seen at the birthday banquet last night. He was the man who had dragged Lin Feng out from the banquet. According to Ye Sha's observations, this man's powers, was the strongest among the four people together with Qu Xin Rui.

    "Young Master Jun." A smile came upon the man's face when he saw Jun Xie, but within that pair of sharp eyes, there was a tiny hidden tinge of disdain.

    Jun Wu Xie acted as if she did not notice the disdain that the man tried to hide and nodded expressionlessly to him.

    "We will like to trouble Young Master Jun to make a trip to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers. Miss Qu said that she had not had a chance to have a good chat with Young Master Jun about some things and she asked us to come invite you to go over." The man's mouth was smiling as he spoke, and his tone was highly respectful, but those eyes of his did not show the slightest bit of sincerity.

    "I've caused you trouble." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "Young Master Jun is too courteous. My name is Shen Chi, and I shall be escorting Young Master Jun there." Shen Chi said with a smile, while his eyes measured the tiny figure of Jun Xie.

    [This puny one here is the Emperor of the mightiest country of the Lower Realm?]

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze then turned to stare at Shen Chi.

    Shen Chi retracted his contemptuous gaze and smiled: "Is anything the matter, Young Master Jun?"

    "Your surname is Shen?" Jun Wu Xie asked, frowning slightly.

    Shen Chi smiled and nodded his head.

    Jun Wu Xie did not say anything more and just followed Shen Chi to make their way to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

    The main door of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers opened for Jun Wu Xie without the slightest obstruction and Jun Wu Xie went straight up to the top floor.

    On the top level, the sweet smell was thicker and more intense than it was last night and lightly clothed men were sitting and kneeling upon the soft and plush floor rugs while Qu Xin Rui lay upon the long lounge chair like before, her half narrowed eyes looking at Jun Xie as he slowly approached. Her posture was highly alluring as her pair of endlessly long smooth legs peeked, partly invisible below her dress.

    "Little Young Master Jun, you're here. All of you are dismissed." Qu Xin Rui said, waving her hands nonchalantly at the favoured men around her.
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