Chapter 1065: “Exploit Its Worth (3)”

    Chapter 1065: "Exploit Its Worth (3)"

    When Jun Wu Xie regained consciousness, the spirit powers within her body reached new heights. And this time, the time she took to complete the breakthrough compared to the past, was significantly reduced.

    The moment she opened her eyes, Jun Wu Yao's handsome looking face showed within her eyes. Jun Wu Xie shifted her gaze slightly. The sky outside the window had turned completely dark and warm candles had been lit within the room, the candlelight shining against the profile of Jun Wu Yao's face, drawing out its perfect contours prominently.

    Momentarily dazzled, Jun Wu Xie was suddenly rather distracted.

    "Congrats! Little Xie is now one step closer towards the true Purple Spirit." A low and husky voice sounded beside Jun Wu Xie's ear and Jun Wu Yao reached out a hand, lifting the strands of hair that had fallen down the side of Jun Wu Xie's face.

    For no reason, Jun Wu Xie felt an indescribable warmth surge throughout her body and she cringed back subconsciously.

    The strands of hair hooked over Jun Wu Yao's finger, had with Jun Wu Xie's retreat, brought traces of chill across Jun Wu Yao's fingertip, plucking at his deep rooted heartstrings.

    "Do you feel strange in anyway?" Jun Wu Yao's eyes reflected the candlelight, seemingly not understanding.

    "It was much easier than before." The breakthrough this time, had not only greatly reduced the amount of time it took, but the process of devouring had become strangely easy as well.

    Jun Wu Yao said with a smile: "That would naturally be the case. The first time you devoured a spirit was that of a Soaring Serpent and even when the Soaring Serpent's spirit had regained its strength, but by absorbing from the same spirit again, it would naturally save you a lot of trouble. As the Soaring Serpent will be unable to resist against you devouring it, as long as you want to, it would have no choice but to give up its power."

    A devilish smile arced up at the corners of Jun Wu Yao's mouth. To be able to provide power to Jun Wu Xie, should be the honour of the Soaring Serpent.

    If not for the fact that it still had some use, he would have at the instant upon discovering that the Soaring Serpent intended to make use of Jun Wu Xie, dragged its spirit out from Jun Wu Xie's body, and crushed its soul to scatter into non existence.

    Just a mere beast and it dared to have delusions of using Jun Wu Xie? It really hadn't seen death.

    "Would I then be able to keep using the Soaring Serpent to complete my breakthroughs from now on?" Jun Wu Xie asked, looking at Jun Wu Yao. Breakthroughs to the next level had become extremely easy and she would no longer need to worry about searching for a ring spirit for her breakthroughs in future.

    "That depends on how much the Soaring Serpent is able to recover from the Spirit Tree's seed healing. If the healing is strong enough and the speed of the Soaring Serpent's recovery is able to keep up with your accumulated spirit energies, then it will work. But if the speed of its recovery is too slow, it does not mean that you have to depend only on it. Continuing to absorb the same kind of ring spirit might be easier, but that will not be the only choice." Jun Wu Yao said slowly, never taking his eyes off the strands of hair fallen over Jun Wu Xie's face.

    The luxuriant long black hair was draped carelessly over the shoulder, flowing down upon the back towards the hips. Although the little figure before his eyes was dressed in men's clothes, and her looks altered, but Jun Wu Yao knew deep inside, behind what that hair covered.....

    Jun Wu Yao's adam's apple moved and he quickly turned his gaze away. Seeing Jun Wu Xie's face under the candlelight, though with the countenance changed, but that pair of eyes would never ever change.

    "You just completed your breakthrough and would be drained. I've gotten someone to prepare dinner and asked them bring it over." Jun Wu Yao said and he very naturally stretched out his hands to carry Jun Wu Xie off the bed.

    His words have barely fallen when Ye Sha and Ye Mei had pushed open the door, their hands filled with steaming hot dishes and rice.

    The two men were conscientious enough to not lift the eyes, but just quietly placed the food down and scrambled off like a bolt.
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