Chapter 1072: “Venomous Woman (5)”

    Chapter 1072: "Venomous Woman (5)"

    Having had her thoughts seen through with that statement, Qu Ling Yue's quickly turned fully bright red. She lowered her head and seemed highly embarrassed as her hands tugged nervously at the corners of her clothes.

    A young girl's coy and shy demeanour, was the most beautiful adornment. That slight pink flush of the cheeks, had immediately lent to Qu Xin Rui's not too exceptionally beautiful face an additional enchanting allure, which only drove the hatred in Qu Xin Rui's eyes to suddenly turn into pure venom.

    "You and little Young Master Jun first met in the Fire Country?"

    "Yes." Qu Ling Yue did not know why Qu Xin Rui had suddenly appeared within her room. Her room door was locked and she had not heard any sound of movements at all.

    Although Qu Ling Yue had been trying very hard to avoid Qu Xin Rui all these years, but every time they met, Qu Ling Yue had always felt that Qu Xin Rui detested her in some way. The fact that Qu Xin Rui disliked her was a point Qu Ling Yue was well aware of by now, so why would Qu Xin Rui suddenly come here to seek her out in the middle of the night today?

    And does her father know anything about this?

    "And you are on very good terms with him?" Qu Xin Rui asked, in a voice that did not allow one to discern her intentions.

    Qu Ling Yue's head sank even lower.

    "Young Master Jun..... saved my life then..... He..... he is my benefactor....."

    Qu Ling Yue stuttered softly in a gentle voice, scratching Qu Xin Rui painfully in the ears. Although she had regained back her beauty just like when she was in her twenties, but her demeanor and mannerisms would never once again be as moving and enchanting as the naive innocence of a little young girl.

    "I have wondered why little Young Master Jun had been indifferent and unmoved but it is now clear to me." Qu Xin Rui said as she gave a disdainful laugh.

    Qu Ling Yue was startled by the amount of hatred in Qu Xin Rui's voice and she looked up questioningly. In that instant, her chin was grabbed by Qu Xin Rui in a tight grip!

    Qu Xin Rui's long nails dug into Qu Ling Yue's flesh and blood flowed out from the wounds.

    "What's so great about this face? Besides being more youthful, in what other way are you comparable to me? You're just a immature little girl that's ignorant and doesn't know a thing about passion. How could you be so shameless? Is that what your father has taught you? Slut!" Qu Xin Rui spat, with narrowed eyes, venomous words spilling out from her mouth.

    She had not been able to comprehend why Jun Xie would spurn her intimate advances. She had such complete confidence in her looks that she was able to mesmerize any man but the very one, Jun Xie, that she wanted to control had treated her like she was plain air, and was completely unaffected.

    It wasn't until she saw Qu Ling Yue's sickly sweet and godawful handkerchief that she it struck her. Jun Xie's total disregard towards her could highly possibly be due to him having developed a liking to this immature little girl here!

    Having suffered the blows from being snubbed and rejected by Jun Xie repeatedly, it had formed to become a huge sense of humiliation in Qu Xin Rui heart, and when she saw Qu Ling Yue's shy and alluring demeanor earlier, she had been suddenly overcome with an urge to dig out that endearing looking pair of limpid eyes!

    "Great Grand..... aunt..... What..... What are you..... saying....." A deeply ominous feeling rose within Qu Ling Yue's heart, as the pain from her chin grew more and more intense.

    Qu Xin Rui suddenly laughed almost hysterically, the laughter sounding highly cruel.

    "What I said? Don't you like little Young Master Jun a lot? Then for the sake of his future, you should be willing to anything right?"

    Qu Ling Yue stared at Qu Xin Rui in terror. She wanted to scream, but was slapped by Qu Xin Rui to fall into a dead faint, and her body crumpled onto the floor in a heap.

    Qu Xin Rui's eyes were narrowed into a dangerous slit as she stared at the figure of Qu Ling Yue on the ground, her eyes shining brightly with intense jealousy and rage.

    At that moment, she no longer simply wanted to just use Qu Ling Yue to blackmail Qu Wen Hao. As she stared at Qu Ling Yue's unconscious little face, an even more highly venomous and insidious plan formed in her mind.
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