Chapter 1076: “Spirit Taming Bone Flute (1)”

    Chapter 1076: "Spirit Taming Bone Flute (1)"

    From what the facts were at that time, Jun Wu Xie was already an ally of the Thousand Beast City.

    No matter what, Xiong Ba could not make himself believe that Qu Wen Hao would act against his own ally.

    "I asked you to get out!" Qu Wen Hao bellowed in a deep voice angrily, his tone revealing a tinge of impatience.

    "Chieftain! What are you really going to do? Young Master Jun is a friend of ours!" Xiong Ba was unwilling to leave and he just remained there to stare at Qu Wen Hao's back, his fists clenched up tightly.

    Qu Wen Hao was silent and the hand clasped over the Spirit Taming Bone Flute still did not pull it out, looking like he was struggling within, deeply hesitant.

    "Chieftain, Young Master Jun's companions are already investigating into where Madam and the others have been imprisoned and it won't be much longer that Madam and the others will be rescued back here, and we'll all be finally free from Qu Xin Rui's blackmail. The freedom we have all longed for for so many years, the reunion that everyone will enjoy uninterrupted, is about to be realised....." Xiong Ba pleaded, starting at Qu Wen Hao. He could not understand why Qu Wen Hao was suddenly doing something like this but he was not going to stand back and allow Qu Wen Hao to continue to err like this.

    Qu Wen Hao's body rocked once and the fingers locked over the Spirit Taming Bone Flute moved slightly.

    Xiong Ba's alerted senses detected the movement and regardless of the reason why Qu Wen Hao would do such commit such indiscretions, he still firmly believed that the Grand Chieftain he had pledged allegiance to, was never one who goes back on his word, or a hypocrite who sets up his allies.

    "It will all happen very soon. Just wait a little....

    Wait for just a few days and it'll all work out, and Madam will come back to be reunited with you and Young Miss." Xiong Ba persuaded gently, without anyone knowing how tightly tensed up every single muscle on his body was at that moment.

    But, just at the moment that Xiong Ba's voice dropped, Qu Wen Hao who had initially still been highly hesitant suddenly pulled out the Spirit Taming Bone Flute from his hip!

    "Grand Chieftain!" Xiong Ba slightly jumped in shock.

    Qu Wen Hao then said loudly in rage: "As the Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City, I hereby order you! Get out!"

    Qu Wen Hao did not turn around, unwilling to, and not daring to at the same time.

    From Xiong Ba's voice, he had been able to detect the shock and utter disbelief under the undying loyalty Xiong Ba held towards him.


    He had been left with no other choice.

    Qu Wen Hao raised the Spirit Taming Bone Flute to his lips, his narrowed eyes staring at the befuddled looking Lord Meh Meh lying upon the bed.

    "Chieftain ! ! !" Xiong Ba shouted out in shock. No matter how much he refused to believe it, Qu Wen Hao's actions had clearly revealed his intentions!

    He was really thinking to use the Spirit Taming Bone Flute on Lord Meh Meh! !

    Lord Meh Meh was Jun Xie's Spirit Beast and what Qu Wen Hao was doing was as good as turning hostile against Jun Xie!

    The mellifluous sound of the flute suddenly rose from within the room, the free and highly natural notes unlike the sound made by any other flutes, sounding so surreal it did not seem that it was possible to have been produced from any instrument. The melodious sound was heard within one's ears, but it felt like it came from the soul, every note tugging at the spirit, to dance in tandem to its tune.

    With flute melody, to tame the thousand beasts!

    In the instant the flute played, Lord Meh Meh who had been lying upon the bed suddenly gave out a wail of agony!

    Its four hooves curled in and its entire body began to twitch incessantly, fallen onto the bed. Its pair of round limpid eyes were shut in pain as a heart wrenching wail spilled out from its mouth!

    The Spirit Taming Bone Flute, made use of its melody to twist and warp spirits, draining Spirit Beasts of their will, to make all Spirit Beasts under the Heavens, forcefully subjugate them against their will, to bow and submit themselves, to the holder of the Spirit Taming Bone Flute!
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