Chapter 1087: “Belief of a Spirit Beast (1)”

    Chapter 1087: "Belief of a Spirit Beast (1)"

    In the next few days after, Jun Wu Xie seemed like she had completely evaporated from within the Thousand Beast City. The men that Qu Xin Rui sent out within the city to seek for any signs of Jun Xie did not come back with any news. Having initially thought that her plan would continue to play out but suddenly finding the most important link broken, it had inevitably made Qu Xin Rui rather anxious.

    Not knowing.....

    Within an inn in the Thousand Beast City, Jun Wu Xie was seated within a guest room, checking on Lord Meh Meh's condition.

    Jun Wu Yao sat by the window, looking outside the window to stare at the bustling crowd on the street, his jet black eyes tinged with a strange look.

    A series of knocks sounded on the door and Jun Wu Yao got up, walking over to open the door.

    Several guards from the Thousand Beast City stood outside with stern faces.

    Jun Wu Yao looked at the guards with an eyebrow slightly raised as a finger resting upon the door wiggled and several black shadows soundlessly slipped inside the foreheads of the guards, quickly vanishing under their skin.

    The bodies of the guards suddenly stiffened and their eyes turned dark and lacklustre, but they had all seemingly quickly recovered with a shock as they swung their gazes past Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie within the room, their eyes not pausing in the slightest as they turned, as if they had not noticed the existence of those two people, quickly turning their bodies away to leave.

    "There's nobody in this room. Continue searching." The lead guard said carelessly, quickly proceeding to the next room to investigate.

    Jun Wu Yao closed the door, already highly familiar with what he just did.

    That was already the third batch of guards who had come in search of them in the past few days but all of them had without exception cleanly forgotten what they had seen there. The black shadows that had entered their brains made them disregard Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie's existence and even when Jun Wu Xie was standing before them, the guards had all acted like they had not seen them at all.

    From the first day that Jun Wu Xie and walked into this inn, everyone within the inn had received Jun Wu Yao's "brainwashing" and would unconsciously turn a blind eye to them.

    "Still no improvement?" Jun Wu Yao asked as he closed the room door, leaning lazily against the door, as he looked at Jun Wu Xie sitting by the bed.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head, her hands resting lightly upon Lord Meh Meh's body.

    Lord Meh Meh had been unconscious for many days. Ever since the day it was attacked by the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, it had remained in this deep sleep.

    "Xiong Ba once mentioned, that Spirit Beasts who were attacked by the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, would regain their consciousness half a day later and become a puppet of the holder of the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, but....." Jun Wu Xie said, biting on her lip. Lord Meh Meh had not shown any signs of awakening at all and had remained looking like it was asleep, lying peacefully upon the bed. No matter how Jun Wu Xie called out to it, she could not elicit the slightest response from it.

    The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit's body was still covered in bandages and in the period that Lord Meh Meh had been unconscious, it had not kicked a fuss nor made a noise, only worriedly leaning itself against Lord Meh Meh as it laid on the bed, using its own body temperature to warm the comatose Lord Meh Meh.

    The two dumb beasts who had always been fighting incessantly with each other had actually deemed the other to be a partner they could depend on with their lives.

    Jun Wu Yao came to stand beside Jun Wu Xie and reached out a hand to smoothen out the creases between Jun Wu Xie's brows. He carried Jun Wu Xie up in his arms and sat down by the bed himself, putting Jun Wu Xie on his lap before saying in a gentle voice: "It might be true that the Spirit Taming Bone Flute is able to manipulate the consciousness of a Spirit Beast, but a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast's consciousness is much stronger than that of common Spirit Beasts. Moreover, if there is an impregnable belief in its heart, even when it has fallen under the control of the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, it would not submit itself willingly and on its own volition."
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