Chapter 1088: “Belief of a Spirit Beast (2)”

    Chapter 1088: "Belief of a Spirit Beast (2)"

    Jun Wu Yao's gaze fixed upon the tiny body of Lord Meh Meh. Towards Spirit Beasts, he did not hold much interest. Even when Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit were Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts, they had not drawn the slightest interest from him. But from what Ye Mei told him, Jun Wu Yao knew one thing.

    When they had been below the Heaven's End Cliff, one such Spirit Beast had at the most critical moment saved Jun Wu Xie's life.

    "It is struggling."

    "What?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she raised her head slightly.

    Jun Wu Yao said with a smile: "It must have known that it's consciousness had been warped but the belief its spirit holds has not been obliterated and its spirit is resisting against the power of the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, unwilling to become a puppet under the control of others. Hence, it had forcibly put itself into a state of unconsciousness, unwilling to awaken, only to become a mindless puppet strung."

    The consciousness of a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast is extremely strong and they possess enough awareness to formulate their own thoughts, and are capable of knowing what they really want.

    Lord Meh Meh's coma was done on its own volition as it was not willing to regain consciousness and be in a position where it would be forced to betray Jun Wu Xie, betray its own belief, and instead chosen to seal its own consciousness.

    Jun Wu Xie's lips stiffened as she stared at Lord Meh Meh.

    This was one who in the beginning had secretly doggedly followed behind her tail, a dumb sheep only seeking to satisfy its desire for fresher greens, but at the most critical junctures, it would always show its stubborn streak and steely determination.

    It had been like this at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff and it was the same case now.

    A wincing ache tugged deep in Jun Wu Xie's heart, that sharp pain clearing up her mind of fogginess.

    She had not treated Lord Meh Meh that well all this time but the dumb and gluttonous beast had been protecting her through its own ways.

    "You will recover from this. I promise." Jun Wu Xie stretched out her hand, and carried Lord Meh Meh into her arms. She had not really given Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit that much care and concern in the past but these two simple minded Spirit Beasts had made her icy chilled heart feel this most pure form of trust and loyalty.

    "I am your feedstress. You have got to believe that you have not chosen the wrong person to follow. Leave the rest of this to me..... I will definitely snatch you back from them, so you do not have to force yourself so much." Jun Wu Xie stroked Lord Meh Meh's wool gently as she said in a gentle voice. Having the spirit resist against an invasive power was a highly dangerous condition as if it went on for extended periods, Lord Meh Meh's nerves in its brain might be severely damaged and it might never be able to regain consciousness again.

    Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had their parts well and the rest would be carried on by her.

    "I will not let down the trust you two have in me. I am your Mistress, and I will prove this through my own hands." Jun Wu Xie's eyes said as her eyes glinted with determination.

    The unconscious Lord Meh Meh seemed to have been able to sense Jun Wu Xie's emotions when its body moved slightly in Jun Wu Xie's arms.

    Jun Wu Yao rested his chin on Jun Wu Xie's shoulder. The little one was intending to awaken Lord Meh Meh to not have it continue to struggle, and submit itself to the manipulation of the Spirit Taming Bone Flute.

    In just moments, Lord Meh Meh finally opened its eyes. But the pair of big limpid eyes did not show its usual neediness as it immediately jumped out from Jun Wu Xie's arms without a moment's hesitation, and leaped out of the open window at the side!

    "Puu!" The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit stared as the figure of Lord Meh Meh grew distant and it was anxious to go after it but found itself held tightly within Jun Wu Xie's arms.

    "It will come back. I will personally bring Lord Meh Meh back." Jun Wu Xie crooned soothingly in a soft voice, her lowered eyes brewing with an unbridled glint of massacre.
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