Chapter 1206:”Wen Yu’s Words (3)”

    Chapter 1206:"Wen Yu's Words (3)"

    That ball of flame fueled by the energy of a Purple Spirit burned so pure and clear, without the slightest tinge of impurity.

    That was the most pure form of the Purple Spirit's energy Jun Wu Xie had ever seen and she also noticed, when Wen Yu summoned his Purple Spirit, not the slightest sliver of spirit energy could be felt from Wen Yu's body, except for that lone ball of purple fire burning continuously in his palm.

    Spirit power could be released to shroud one's body entirely, or to control it to be gathered in a specific spot, but Jun Wu Xie did not know that a person would be able to summon one's Purple Spirit to take on the form of a flame to burn within one's palm!

    The Purple Spirit in the Lower Realm, might be the most powerful, but in the Middle Realm, it is merely considered to be common. Your Majesty should take a look at this ball of spirit flame of mine and see whether you think it to be pure, but know that in the Middle Realm, people who hold powers higher than mine can be found everywhere. The Dark Emperor's tomb, is the most valuable treasure that the various major powers in the Middle Realm dream to possess. Regardless whether they held any clues in their hands, after the Dark Emperor fell, all of them had never given up on finding the location of the Dark Emperor's tomb. They all yearn to possess all the magical treasures the Dark Emperor had plundered when he was alive." Wen Yu said with a bitter smile on his lips, suddenly turning his palm over quickly, and the purple flame promptly disappeared without a trace.

    Being able to exercise such precise control over one's spirit power, and was still able to suppress the spirit power's aura so completely, Jun Wu Xie could almost be certain that Wen Yu was stronger than any Purple Spirit that he had ever met, maybe with the exception of the grey robed opponent back in the Cloudy Peaks who had defeated Ye Sha, that might pose a match for!

    With Wen Yu being so powerful, why had he chosen to remain in the Lower Realm? From his words, it was not difficult to decipher that he had originally been from the Middle Realm.

    "The various major powers, in their quest to locate the Dark Emperor's tomb, had expended an immeasurable amount of effort and resources, sent out countless of their people. Your Majesty's guess is correct. The Soul Calming Jade had previously been in the Dark Emperor's tomb." Wen Yu said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes looking like they hid the experience of immense trials behind them.

    "I've been to the Dark Emperor's tomb. That piece of Soul Calming Jade, was brought out from the Dark Emperor's tomb by me."

    Jun Wu Xie held her breath for that one moment. Although she had already guessed as much in her heart, but having just gained affirmation on that as fact, had still caused her to become excited!

    However, there wasn't the slightest bit of pride on Wen Yu's face, but it instead showed only a bitterness.

    "At that time, the Dark Emperor unified the entire Middle Realm and gathered all the magical treasures in the Middle Realm for himself. The might of the Dark Regions firmly overpowered all the other powers regardless whether it were the Four Sides, Nine Temples or the Twelve Palaces, none of them was a match for them. Even if they were to join forces, they would not be a match for the Dark Emperor himself alone. But the Dark Emperor had then suddenly fallen, which threw the structure of power within the Middle Realm into chaos. Although the Dark Emperor was no more, but the might of the Dark Regime was still powerful. Although they were not able to unify the Middle Realm once again, they remained a force that none of the powers dared to offend."

    "The Dark Emperor has passed on for many years but the Dark Regions did not have a new leader appearing among them, and the entire Dark Regime still holds the Dark Emperor as supreme till this day. For the other powers to set their eyes on the magical treasures in the Dark Emperor's tomb, it will undoubtedly be seen as an affront to the Dark Emperor's eminence. If it was found out by the Dark Regime, they would surely do everything in their power to obliterate them." Wen Yu spoke with a helpless and bitter smile, and shaking his head, he continued.

    "But with such an immense horde of magical artifacts, it proved to become an irresistible draw to everyone and even knowing that they would offend the Dark Regime, they were still unwilling to give up on it. If they were not able to blatantly snatch them away, they then went on to secretly send people in search for it, thinking to get their hands on them, before the Dark Regime discovers anything untoward."

    Wen Yu raised his head up slightly, to look at the Imperial Hall in all its glorious splendour of indulgent luxury.
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