Chapter 1207:”Wen Yu’s Words (4)”

    Chapter 1207:"Wen Yu's Words (4)"

    "And the way they are using to try to snatch the treasures secretly, is to let those people they sent out to become their scapegoats. And I had been one of those at that time....."

    Wen Yu at that time, had searched for the location of the Dark Emperor's tomb with his companions. He had thought that he had set forth bringing the glory and belief of the power he served, never knowing it was all a hopeless tragedy for all of them from the beginning.

    "Since you have been to the Dark Emperor's tomb, then you know of its location right?" Jun Wu Xie asked, finally putting out the question she had wanted to ask for a rather long time.

    However, Wen Yu shook his head.

    "I have indeed gone to the Dark Emperor's tomb, but I do not know where it is."

    "Why?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyes revealing a tinge of surprise.

    Wen Yu replied: "At that time, my companions and I found the approximate location of the Dark Emperor's tomb but were attacked under the blinding fog and I completely lost contact with them, the force from the attack throwing me in a stroke of coincidence into the Dark Emperor's tomb. However, I was not able to go deeper inside and had only been in the outer layer at its fringes. I had sustained severe injuries at that time and was heavily poisoned, too frail and weak to advance further inside. The only thing I managed to take from the Dark Emperor's tomb then was just that piece of Soul Calming Jade....."

    Wen Yu had at that moment thought that he was doomed and even when he had managed to stumble into the Dark Emperor's tomb, he no longer had the strength to leave. When he finally collapsed from exhaustion and weakness to fall into a deep sleep, he was certain that he would not live.

    But, when he next opened his eyes when he awoke, he found that he had left the Dark Emperor's tomb, and had even been sent to the top of the Heaven's End Cliff.

    How he had left the place, he did not know, but after waiting for a rather long period at the top of the Heaven's End Cliff hoping that his companions would be able to return, he was finally forced to face despair and hopelessness.

    No one returned.

    Not a single person did!

    He had no choice but to drag his severely injured body, and return to the Middle Realm, thinking to report everything that had happened to them to the Elder with the power he served.

    However, at the time when he finally managed to get to his home, he saw with his own eyes, the scene where his entire family from the aged to the young were eradicated.

    From the moment that they had gone down into the Heaven's End Cliff, the power they belonged to had already prepared themselves to silence all of them. All the family members of the people they had sent out were all completely massacred, only for the purpose of preventing any information about the expedition from being leaked!

    Wen Yu would never forget that scene when his entire family had been massacred his entire life. The power he had served with unswerving loyalty had treated him like an abandoned child, never sending a single person to search of all of them who had gone missing, but had even silenced every single one of their family members.

    With his heavily injured body, Wen Yu was unable to avenge his family members. Crumbling under the hopelessness and despair, he chose to distance himself far far away from the Middle Realm, and hid himself within the Lower Realm.

    The Lower Realm in those years were highly fragmented and the discouraged and anguished Wen Yu had immediately chosen the Fire Country to set down his roots and had helped the Fire Country's Emperor to secure his dominant position, to reign supreme, where he became the Fire Country's Grand Adviser, and he no longer thought about anything of his past.

    Even for the Soul Calming Jade that he held in his hands, that he had retrieved from the Dark Emperor's tomb, he did not want to keep with him.

    He knew at that time, that a strong country like the Fire Country, would definitely been chosen as a pawn by the powers in the Middle Realm, and hence, he did not dare to let the Soul Calming Jade remain within the Fire Country. So, on one of the trips he made in his travels, he gifted the Soul Calming Jade to the rising Qi Kingdom.

    And it was from that moment on, that Wen Yu completely severed all links with his past.

    His only identity was the Fire Country's Grand Adviser.

    If not for Jun Xie bringing it up today, he would not have wanted to remember any of it throughout his entire life.

    "Your Majesty. It is not important who Wen Yu was in the past. At present, I am just Wen Yu, the Fire Country's Grand Adviser." Wen Yu said as he looked at Jun Xie.


    A certain Authour Bei: Lord Jue~

    Lord Jue: You've finally come out to receive your death?

    A certain trembling Authour Bei: There's no need to be so fierce. I always mean what I say. As long as this month's tickets are sufficient, I guarantee that you and Wu Xie will do "shy shy" things. The month has just started right? Shouldn't you be helping me draw in the tickets? Everyone's dying to see that V line and those gorgeous abs you know?

    Lord Jue: You think I will still believe you?

    A certain Authour Bei: I swear it on my Little Dou Dou! Enough monthly tickets, and this month I will let you do "shy shy" things!

    Lord Jue with an indignant 'humph': You think I will fall for that? [Pulling the robe open, undressing slowly]


    [Authour Bei: Continuation of the previous game, Where did Dumb Qiao meet Wu Xie for the first time?]
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