Chapter 1208: “The Road Ahead”

    Chapter 1208: "The Road Ahead"

    Jun Wu Xie had not thought that the truth would be like this. Wen Yu had indeed been to the Dark Emperor's tomb but he did not know the exact location of where the Dark Emperor's was. What further puzzled Jun Wu Xie was, how did Wen Yu who had already entered the Dark Emperor's tomb, manage to leave that place?

    Some mysteries had been resolved, but that had not reduced Jun Wu Xie's amount of puzzlement in the least, but had instead increased it.

    "I understand it, Grand Adviser. You will forever be the Fire Country's Grand Adviser." Jun Wu Xie said looking at Wen Yu. His past experience had been the same as the parents of Qiao Chu and the others and the only fortunate thing was that he had lived, with the unfortunate thing being that his entire family had been massacred.

    Wen Yu finally smiled. This was first time he told anyone about this grave secret he hid in his heart ever since he abandoned his original identity. This secret had given him much angst that had accumulated for such a long time in his heart and he had finally been able to unburden himself at this moment, never having to shoulder it all by his lonesome self anymore.

    "Although your vassal does not know why Your Majesty wants to help the Qi Kingdom so much, but there is one point your vassal need to remind Your Majesty of." Wen Yu seemed to have suddenly remembered something and his expression turned slightly solemn.

    "Since the reason the Condor Country had mobilized their army was because of the Soul Calming Jade, then the fact that the Soul Calming Jade is in the Qi Kingdom is now no longer a secret. Someone within the Condor Country has definitely joined forces with one of the powers in the Middle Realm and although the army Your Majesty led had quashed their plans this time, when the news reaches the Middle Realm, it would still bring quite a bit of trouble to them. If Your Majesty truly wishes to protect the Qi Kingdom, the only choice will be to silence the people in the Condor Country who knows about it, and..... have that Duke Lin in the Qi Kingdom stay away for a while as soon as possible." No one else knew the methods of the Middle Realm as well as he did.

    In order to achieve their goals, they would do it at all cost, regardless of consequences. The Dark Emperor's tomb to them, held too much of a deadly allure and they would not let go of any clue that could possibly lead them to it.

    Moreover, in the eyes of many people in the Middle Realm, the existence of people in the Lower Realm were the same as that of insects. Even killing off a million of them, would not make them even crease their brows in the slightest.

    Wen Yu words, caused Jun Wu Xie's heart to shake slightly.

    "Your Majesty has only seen your vassal's power, and it seems not too bad. But, in the Middle Realm, people with higher powers than your vassal, are many more." Wen Yu said.

    "The Grand Advise was also a member of the Twelve Palaces?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    Wen Yu smiled weakly and said: "Your Majesty really knows about the Middle Realm. A pity though, your vassal was not from the Twelve Palaces, but from one of the Temples among the Nine Temples. I wonder if Your Majesty has ever heard of the Nine Temples?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. Although she had heard of them, but she knew nothing about them.

    Wen Yu then said: "The Middle Realm consists of One Region, Four Sides, Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces, and their might, is also divided through these ranks as well. The most powerful among them is the Dark Regions, who once unified the Middle Realm, while next comes the Four Sides, followed by the Nine Temples, with the Twelve Palaces at the tail end holding the bottom rungs in the hierarchy of power. Although the number of people in the Nine Temples are less than the Twelve Palaces, their might are however much ahead of the Twelve Palaces."

    Jun Wu Xie listened intently, committing every single word to mind.

    Three days later, the Fire Country held the grand ceremony to appoint their Empress and Qu Ling Yue became the new Emperor's only consort in the Imperial Harem as the Empress.

    From that moment on, the curtains opened, a prologue to the Iron Blood Empress.

    On the same day, Jun Wu Xie packed her clothes for travel, and stepped forth on the road towards the Condor Country.

    The Condor Country was not near to the Fire Country. These two countries, were separately ranked as the topmost and second biggest countries in the Lower Realm, their lands stretching over vast expanses. Jun Wu Xie travelled tirelessly, and would still require about a month's journeying before she would be able to reach the Condor Country's Imperial Capital.
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