Chapter 1209: “Be Good and Let Me Stroke You a Little (1)”

    Chapter 1209: "Be Good and Let Me Stroke You a Little (1)"

    The wheels trundled along as a convoy of carriages traversed into the Condor Country. A handsome little boy poked his head out from within one of the carriages to peer at the passing scenery within the Condor Country, his big pair of eyes highly filled with childish innocence.

    "This is the Condor Country? It lives up to its name as the second biggest country across the lands indeed, filled with such breathtaking views of its majestic mountains and grand lakes." The little boy exclaimed with his head resting upon the carriage window, staring at the beautiful scenery fleeting past, his eyes wide with delight.

    Inside the horse carriage, an elderly man roughly about the age of sixty shook his head as he smiled helplessly, and gave out a long sigh to say.

    "Your Majesty should be a little more careful as the carriage is rather bumpy and not get yourself hurt."

    Although the little boy was highly curious, he was very obedient, and when he heard the man's words, he sat back down properly without complaint.

    "Grand Tutor, how long more will it be before we reach the Condor Country's Imperial Capital?"

    Grand Tutor He's face broke into a benign smile as he said: "At most, it will be seven days more and we should reach the Condor Country's Imperial Capital. In these seven days, I would implore for Your Majesty to be patient during the journey."

    The little boy nodded obediently. He was dressed in lavish clothes, but were not ostentatious, where they instead looked simple and elegant. At around eight to nine years of age, with handsome features on his face, although still not fully matured, they already hinted at magnificence in the future. Upon his head, was a crown symbolic of Imperial authourity, though his eyes were filled with the innocence of a young child.

    The horse carriage traveled for half a day and when the sun was at its zenith, the convoy stopped at the edge along a stretch of woods.

    The convoy consisted of quite a number of people, with carriages alone, there were already five of them, and both in front and behind the carriages, were several hundred guards equipped with light armour.

    After the horse carriages stopped, the convoy lit a fire temporarily to take a short rest.

    The little boy sat by the side of the fire, a fox fur coat draped over his back, his tiny hands chilled to take on a reddish tinge while they held a hot bottle, his head turning to look at the last carriage at the end on the convoy where the joy in his eyes faded away. He then turned his head worriedly to look at Grand Tutor He sitting beside him and said: "Grand Tutor....."

    Grand Tutor He looked in the direction the little boy had just been looking at and he gave a helpless sigh.

    "Your Majesty please rest assured. Your vassal has made all the necessary arrangements and when we get to the Condor Country's Imperial Capital, everything will be fine."

    The little boy nodded and he chewed on the dry rations he held in his hand quietly.

    It was just slightly after noon and the sun's rays drove off the winter's chill to a certain degree. The little boy's big pair of raven black eyes turned all around, finding everything he saw new and intriguing.

    Suddenly, a furry little figure hopped out from behind the grass.

    The little boy's eyes immediately stared, his gaze unwavering as they became fixed upon the little furball, his eyes suddenly sparkling in delight.

    "Little rabbit..... little rabbit come....." The young child had no resistance against such a tiny and adorable little animal and he stretched out his two short arms, tottering over towards the little furball.

    Grand Tutor He at the side glanced over to look, and when he saw that it was only a tiny little big eared rabbit, he didn't give it anymore attention.

    The big eared rabbit stood upright, and tilted its head to look at the little boy holding his outstretched hands towards it.

    The little boy's heart melted at the sight and he immediately stood up, striding over on his short legs to run into the horse carriage. After digging through in search for a while, he pulled out a stick of carrot and walked back to the spot.

    "Little wabbit, I have a carrot~ see? Do you want to eat it~?" The little boy squatted upon the grass, patiently coaxing the big eared rabbit to come nearer in approach.

    The big eared rabbit sniffed with its nose and hopped two steps forward, coming to about a distance of roughly one meter before it stopped, its eyes wary as it looked at the little boy.
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