Chapter 1210: “Be Good and Let Me Stroke You a Little (2)”

    Chapter 1210: "Be Good and Let Me Stroke You a Little (2)"

    The little boy continued to look smilingly at it, and said in a highly innocent tone:

    "Little wabbit be good, let me stroke you just a little and I'll let you eat the carrot. It's really very good."

    The soldiers who were there to guard His Majesty had upon seeing the innocent actions of their Emperor, broke out into faint genuine smiles, without any trace of malice in them.

    The big eared rabbit seemed to understand what the little boy had said as it glanced at the carrot and then raised its eyes to look at the little boy before it hopped a little to go nearer.

    Just at the moment when the little boy was about to be able to touch the big eared rabbit, the sound of light footsteps came out from within the woods. The soldiers who had smiles upon all their faces immediately retracted their smiles, the swords they held in their hands readied, to face whoever was approaching sternly!

    Suddenly, a petite and slender figure walked out from within the woods.

    It was a youth looking about fifteen years of age. The youth's looks was not exactly outstanding but for that pair of cold and clear eyes.

    In the instant that the youth appeared, the big eared rabbit who had been all prepared to accept the "temptation" suddenly turned around and ran towards that youth. The little boy who had already stretched his hand out to almost stroke the big eared rabbit quickly lost his balance in surprise, and fell forward with a splat onto the ground, his mouth filled with grass, as a faint white light flashed once behind the little boy's body.....

    "Who are you! ?" An officer among the soldiers suddenly shouted out to ask.

    The delicate little youth turned to cast him a glance, and did not speak, but instead bent his back to pick up the big eared rabbit that had come running back to him into his arms.

    "Glutton." The youth said with a glare, admonishing the greedy big eared rabbit who had run out in search for food.

    "Meh!" A rounded little sheep who had come following behind the youth bleated, seemingly following its Master in berating the rabbit.

    The big eared rabbit seemed to realized that it had done something wrong and it hugged its floppy ears tightly over its face, bashfully burrowing into the youth's embrace, not daring to raise its head.

    The youth's eyes swept over the group of armed soldiers and showing no intention to stay around longer, the youth immediately turned to leave while carrying the big eared rabbit.

    But at that moment, a young and childlike little voice sounded from behind her!

    "Erm..... Can you..... allow me to touch it one time..... before you go....." Having had to spit out a mouthful of grass, the little boy raised up his head pitifully to ask. He had almost been about to be able to touch that big eared rabbit just now.

    When Grand Tutor heard His Majesty saying those words, he could do nothing but to hide his face behind his palm.

    The youth who had already been walking away stopped his steps and turned around to look at the little boy who was still splayed upon the ground, his face filled with longing and looking highly aggrieved, Jun Wu Xie's gaze then suddenly shifted to look at the still raised buttocks of the little boy sticking into the air.

    Over the brocade robe, a tuft of of snow white fur that had suddenly appeared had drawn Jun Wu Xie's eyes to it.

    The little boy seemed to have realized that Jun Wu Xie was staring and he suddenly seemed to have remembered something suddenly as he got up quickly, panickedly covering the tuft of white fur with his tiny hands on his behind. He was so embarrassed and nervous his face turned red, his big eyes quickly brimming up with huge tears as his lips trembled slightly, looking like he was going to cry at any moment.....

    Meanwhile, standing on the opposite side of little boy, the youth seemed to see the scene as another illusion.

    Sitting upon the ground, was not any little human child, but was instead seen as that weakling of a timid flower she had.....

    "Touch...... just once..... just one touch will...... be..... enough....." The little boy's "I'm gonna cry right now" expression was obvious on his face but his mouth was persistently pleading as he had not even managed to touch the big eared rabbit.

    The soldiers at the side were feeling highly embarrassed and they all turned their faces away, unwilling to continue to watch His Majesty's adorable but hopelessly naive demeanor.

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