Chapter 1211: “Be Good and Let Me Stroke You a Little (3)”

    Chapter 1211: "Be Good and Let Me Stroke You a Little (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie who was disguised as a male youth looked at the pitiful looking little fellow. If it was at any other time, she wouldn't really have minded. But..... the corners of her eyes had swept over all the people with the little boy, and the carriages behind him.

    Upon those horse carriages, hung the same banners, and the insignia upon those flags, was not unfamiliar to Jun Wu Xie. They belonged to a tiny little place called the Buckwheat Kingdom, and how tiny was tiny?

    So tiny that even the Qi Kingdom could be declared as a big country in front of them!

    The Buckwheat Kingdom was extremely small, it was the smallest kingdom throughout the lands. It was said that the lands the Buckwheat Kingdom's entire territory, was not even the size of the biggest county in the Fire Country and as the Buckwheat Kingdom was situated among a mountain range, its terrain was treacherous, and their resources lacking. As the terrain was highly unfriendly, it became a place that other countries became to lazy to even want to invade.

    Jun Wu Xie did not miss the Jade Crown adorning the top of the little boy's head. Jade Crowns like this could only be worn by the Emperors of the various countries and looking at the guards around the little boy, she could see that they were men from the regimental military and not mere simple bodyguards from a common family.

    Jun Wu Xie did not intend to come into contact with any rulers of other countries. Even when..... the other party was just a adorable and naive little kid.

    Jun Wu Xie had no intentions of bothering herself with the little boy's request. The little boy's expression was sad and forlorn, his eyes brimming with tears. Grand Tutor He beside him finally could not hold himself back anymore and spoke out.

    "Will the Young Master please hold your step?"

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at the old man.

    "We are all from the Buckwheat Kingdom and this boy here is our Emperor of the Buckwheat Kingdom. As His Majesty is still very young, he has a fondness for adorable little Spirit Beasts. Why don't..... our Young Master, see whether you can fulfil His Majesty's wish, and we will be highly generous with our gratitude." Having served three generations of the Buckwheat Kingdom's rulers, Grand Tutor He was feeling for the first time he felt surprised that he would be capable of doing something so shameless!

    As an highly esteemed Grand Tutor, he had actually had to negotiate with a young youth just to satisfy His Majesty's desire to stroke some beast's fur, it was really..... just too embarrassing!

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the little Emperor whose tears were about to fall from his eyes and then turned her eyes back to the highly earnest face of Grand Tutor He, before finally loosening her mouth.


    Seeing that Jun Wu Xie had agreed, the little Emperor who had frozen in his spot then broke into smiles.

    Jun Wu Xie released the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit from her arms and looked in the direction of the little Emperor. The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit immediately understood what its Mistress meant for it to do and immediately hopped into tiny leaps to go to the side of the little Emperor!

    As he watched the big eared rabbit returning once again, the little Emperor's heart filled with delight, his small hand trembling slightly as he carefully stroked the soft fur of the big eared rabbit, quickly forgetting to continue to cover his behind.

    Once his small hand moved away, it immediately revealed the little ball of fur on his behind that was wriggling incessantly.

    That tiny ball of fur, no matter which way you looked at it, looked just like a rabbit's tail.....

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze stared undisguised at it, as she watched the little Emperor plopped upon the ground to play with the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit, the rabbit's tail on his behind, wiggling even harder, making the little boy look just like a transformed rabbit spirit.

    "Cough." Having already abandoned his pride, Grand Tutor He naturally noticed Jun Wu Xie's gaze and he said rather awkwardly: "That is His Majesty's ring spirit."

    Jun Wu Xie's eyebrow raised up. She had never ever heard of anyone under the Heavens that had a ring spirit that was a ball of fur.....

    That tail, beside being adorable, could it  possibly have any other uses?

    But she was at least kind enough not to say much about it but continued to watch the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit trying hard to act cute before the little Emperor. While the scheming rabbit tried to put forth its most endearing charms, it did not forget the carrot that had been dropped upon the ground and it scooped it up in its paws before chewing vigorously on it.

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