Chapter 1212: “Be Good and Let Me Stroke You a Little (4)”

    Chapter 1212: "Be Good and Let Me Stroke You a Little (4)"

    Its eyes spying that the scheming rabbit's acts of endearment had earned it food, Lord Meh Meh's drool was almost dripping onto the ground, but it was however born a highly proud beast.

    Its heart almost dying to eat that, it feigned indifference and turned its head away, bleating in indignant cries going: "Meh meh meh."

    But the corner of its eyes, however involuntarily keeping floating over to the carrot held in the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit's paws.....

    For Lord Meh Meh who held eating as its life's pursuit, although Jun Wu Xie provided it with the more delicious grass under the Heavens, still could not help itself but to seek more food to eat whenever possible.

    Lord Meh Meh indignant bleating attracted the little Emperor's attention and he raised his head up, suddenly seeing a proud faced Lord Meh Meh by the youth's feet, his eyes immediately sparkling brightly once again.

    He immediately raised his head up further and looked at Jun Wu Xie with a desperate and longing gaze, his face saying: [I really want to stroke..... really want to stroke..... really really want to stroke.....].

    This time, Grand Tutor He could not find it within himself to ask out on His Majesty's behalf.

    Jun Wu Xie nudged Lord Meh Meh on its behind with her foot, indicating that Lord Meh Meh should go over. Lord Meh Meh's pride made it pretend to be unhappy about it as it slowly trotted over, to stop beside the little Emperor, its eyes filled with the half eaten leftover stump of a carrot within the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit's paws.....

    The little Emperor wanted to stroke Lord Meh Meh but Lord Meh Meh snorted twice and took a few steps backwards on its tiny hooves, looking highly unwilling to let the little Emperor touch it.

    Seeing that the little Emperor was about to cry again, Grand Tutor He went into the horse carriage in helpless resignation to dig out another carrot to stuff it into the little Emperor's hand.

    With that.....

    Lord Meh Meh was finally willing to spare the boy some attention.

    With dumb beasts on his left and right nibbling on a carrot each, the little Emperor would at one moment stroke the big eared rabbit gently, and at another moment, be rubbing Lord Meh Meh's thick wool, his face in absolute bliss, the tail on his behind becoming even happier, his pair of eyes almost stuck upon the two dumb beasts before him.

    It went from just touching, to become getting not enough of stroking them.....

    Grand Tutor He cleared his throat in embarrassment, knowing that His Majesty would not have his fill for quite a while more, as he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie sheepishly.

    "If the Young Master does not mind, would you like to sit down together with us to have something to eat?"

    Jun Wu Xie did not stand on ceremony in the slightest and plopped herself right down by the fireside. In order to shorten the time spent on the journey as much as possible, she had not gotten much proper rest throughout it. Even the campfire that would drive back the chill in this wintry weather, she had not lit even a single one on the trip.

    Grand Tutor He brought some food over for Jun Wu Xie and it might be because they felt that His Majesty's silly antics had embarrassed them making all the soldiers drop their animosity against Jun Wu Xie, but to feel a little awkward instead.

    "Is the Young Master from the Condor Country?" Grand Tutor He asked, trying not to appear so awkward, and had hence tried to find a topic to chat with Jun Wu Xie about.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. "Just came here to tour the place a little."

    Grand Tutor He nodded, agreeing that the Condor Country's views of their mountains and lakes were indeed rather nice. "May I ask where is the Young Master going after this? If we are going the same way, we can very well give you a lift."

    The Buckwheat Kingdom was tiny, and they had a sparse population, hence they were not strict with the distinction between ruler and vassals, and from the Emperor at the top to the officers at the bottom, they were all highly friendly and close to the common people.

    "Imperial Capital." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    Grand Tutor He smiled. "That's such a coincidence. We are going to the Imperial Capital as well. Would the Young Master be willing to travel with us?" As he spoke, the Grand Tutor's eyes were looking at the little Emperor. The reason for the invitation was obvious. It was because their little Emperor could not bear to part with the two furry little things.

    Jun Wu Xie was silent a moment before she nodded her head.

    The Buckwheat Kingdom had always been upright and their reputation had been good. Besides the guarded wariness when they had initially just met, everyone there was rather cordial to her and Jun Wu Xie did not dislike them.
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