Chapter 1213: “Travelling Together (1)”

    Chapter 1213: "Travelling Together (1)"

    The Buckwheat Kingdom had always been upright and their reputation had been good. Besides the guarded wariness when they had initially just met, everyone there was rather cordial to her and Jun Wu Xie did not dislike them.

    The little Emperor with the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit and Lord Meh Meh were playing very happily together and looking at the boy at that moment, he did not look like an Emperor, but more like a carefree prince. When Jun Wu Xie became the Fire Country's Emperor, it was already thought that it was already at an unprecedentedly young age, but no one had expected that the Buckwheat Country's Emperor was even younger than that.

    Eight or nine years old, still unable to understand many things as yet, but already put into the throne of rulership and assume control over their lands, it was truly hard to believe.

    "Grand Tutor! Grand Tutor! Look!" The little Emperor was getting excited as he played, now carrying Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit in each of his arms. Fortunately after morphing into their minute size they did not weigh all that much or with the little Emperor's tiny arms and legs, he would not be able to lift them at all.

    The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit and Lord Meh Meh had no intentions of resisting at all and they allowed the little Emperor to carry them. The only thing they cared about at that moment was only the unfinished carrot they were still chewing voraciously on.

    Grand Tutor He looked at the proud little Emperor with a laugh.

    "Your Majesty likes these two Spirit Beasts very much?"

    The little Emperor's eyes were sparkling brightly as he nodded his head vigorously.

    "Our Young Master here is coincidentally going to the Imperial Capital as well. Shall we ask him to travel there together with us?" Grand Tutor He asked.

    "Sure! !" The little Emperor nodded immediately, not hesitating in the slightest at all.

    Jun Wu Xie raised up her head to look into the sky, thinking the people in the Buckwheat Kingdom from the Emperor at the top to the vassals at the bottom were too open hearted.

    If she had harboured the slightest insidious intentions, they would all be dead now.

    "Will you really?" The little Emperor asked, still looking a little worriedly at her, his eyes filled with longing and anticipation.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie nodded silently.

    The little Emperor was so happy he hopped around upon the grass with the two adorable beasts in his arms, while Jun Wu Xie's gaze was instead drawn to the little fluffy tail on his behind instead.

    [Mm, he's human, not an animal.]

    She had to tell herself many times in her heart. [This..... she cannot touch!]

    When the little Emperor was done playing, he still could not let go of them but brought the two adorable little beasts to feed them more food and water, pulling out an endless supply of fruits and vegetables to feed them throughout the entire process.

    The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit and Lord Meh Meh were satisfied and they showed no resistance against being touched, as they were already used to that anyway.

    Jun Wu Xie's fondness for it had gotten them used to that and with Fan Zhuo occasionally coming over to stroke them as well, they had learnt to be calm.

    After the convoy had rested for a while, they readied themselves to continue with the journey. As Jun Wu Xie needed to look out for the two adorable little beasts and the little Emperor was not willing to be separated from them, there was no other choice but to have her sit in the same carriage with the little Emperor and Grand Tutor He.

    Jun Wu Xie was just about to get into the carriage when a pitiful wail broke out from the furthest end of the convoy!

    Immediately, everyone's face changed, and even the little Emperor who had been smiling widely was shocked into putting the two little beasts down.

    Jun Wu Xie looked in the direction the sound had come from. The sound seemed to have come from the last carriage in the convoy. The door on the carriage had been sealed shut but the sound had still exploded out from within the carriage though highly muffled, and the entire carriage was being rocked and shaken!

    That sound had been like the roar from a wild beast, seemingly shocking and violent.

    "Grand Tutor! Grand Tutor!" The little Emperor tugged at Grand Tutor He's sleeve looking highly flustered, his eyes filling up with panic and worry.

    Grand Tutor He's brows furrowed together as he stared at the soldiers already surrounding the sides of the horse carriage, struggling to hold the shaking carriage steady, to prevent it from overturning.

    It was not known what was within that carriage that would possess such strength, to shake the entire carriage to almost toppling, almost seeming like it would break all apart.
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