Chapter 1214: “Travelling Together (2)”

    Chapter 1214: "Travelling Together (2)"

    "Quick! Grab the chains and secure them around the carriage!" Grand Tutor He said immediately.

    The soldiers moved quickly, immediately retrieving from another carriage a thick metal chain that was about two fingers' width, securing in around the front and back of the carriage where it now seemed it would break apart anymore.

    But the roars continued to sound out from within the carriage intermittently.

    The soldiers' expressions were solemn, seemingly not shocked by it. From the way it looked, they seem to be used to such a situation.

    Jun Wu Xie listened to it quietly, the noise sounding like it came from a beast, but listening to it more carefully, one could just make out that the roar had come from a man.

    [Inside that carriage, was imprisoned a man?]

    The little Emperor bit on his lips as he stared at the horse carriage that had been tied up with chains, his eyes worried and nervous, but without the slightest sliver of fear and panic.

    That made Jun Wu Xie think it rather strange.

    She had already gotten a rough grasp of the little Emperor's personality and he did not seem to be one who would be bold and steady. Faced with such a situation, he still did not show the slightest fear, which could only mean he knew the person inside.

    After that outburst, the person within that carriage finally quietened down, and the carriage did not shake anymore.

    Grand Tutor He heaved a heavy sigh of relief and noticed the youth's gaze where he immediately said: "There is a patient inside that carriage, and he becomes rather terrifying when the illness acts up. We are afraid that he will harm himself and others around him and this was this only choice we had. I hope that had not startled our Young Master here."

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head, her heart rather doubtful.

    What kind of an illness would give a person afflicted with it such immense strength? Those soldiers earlier, had at least five men on each side pushing against the sides of the carriage but they had still not been able to stabilize the carriage's rocking. Such a display of strength, needless to mention a patient, even if it was a strong and brawny man, it might still not be possible to achieve.

    But it was not difficult to see that Grand Tutor He was not willing to say much more about it and Jun Wu Xie was not a person who liked to poke her nose into other people people's affairs. Since they had their own misgivings, she didn't deem it appropriate to probe.

    After that earlier episode, the little Emperor lost the mood to continue to fool around. After they got into the horse carriage, he continued to poke his head out the window many a time, repeatedly looking towards the last carriage at the back of the convoy, his big and innocent eyes sad and sorrowful.

    "Your Majesty. Your Majesty must be tired by now, you should get some rest." Grand Tutor He said with a sigh. The little Emperor sat back down and lay upon the Grand Tutor's lap silently as he drifted off to sleep, but his brows remained slightly creased together.

    Looking at the little Emperor fallen asleep, Grand Tutor He's face furrowed up with sorrow.

    Jun Wu Xie did not ask him anything about it, and she knew that it wasn't something she should be asking them about.

    For the next few days, Jun Wu Xie travelled together with the convoy from the Buckwheat Kingdom. Over the few days spent with them, she was able to see, instead of saying that the little Emperor was the ruler of the people in the entire convoy, it might as well be said that he was the precious little bundle of joy for the entire team of people.

    From Grand Tutor He to any of the soldiers within the team, they all doted upon and indulged the little Emperor, like they would a precious little child.

    Fortunately the little Emperor was a obedient and sensible little boy, and he never made any excessive requests. At most, it was asking the soldiers to pick a few more fruits, for him to feed them to Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit.

    Over the past few days, the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit and Lord Meh Meh lived their lives like pigs. Besides eating and sleeping, their only other task was to allow the little Emperor to stroke them, and nothing else, every single day spent in perfect bliss.

    During that time, the strange situation with the last carriage occurred another two times, but they passed without anything untoward happening.

    After having over indulged on fruits and vegetables, the two naive beasts started to miss the taste of grass around Jun Wu Xie's feet, and they trotted over to her, unwittingly bringing together with them, the little Emperor who followed after the behinds of the two adorable beasts.
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