Chapter 1215: “Little Big Brother”

    Chapter 1215: "Little Big Brother"

    Watching Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit grazing upon the grass around Jun Wu Xie's feet, the little Emperor squatted quietly on one side, resting his chin upon both his palms as he watched intently. That quiet and obedient demeanor, made him really highly lovable. Even for someone as cold and indifferent as Jun Wu Xie, she could not help but praise the little Emperor in her heart.

    [What an easygoing child, but that personality was not suited to be an Emperor.]

    "Little Big Brother, are these two Spirit Beasts your pets?" The little Emperor asked, looking at Jun Wu Xie. Initially, he was slightly afraid of her, as Jun Wu Xie always had a cold and indifferent look on her face. But after a few days, he began to feel that it was not that difficult to get along with the little Big Brother.

    "You can say that." Jun Wu Xie replied softly.

    "Will they grow bigger in the future?" The little Emperor asked innocently of Jun Wu Xie.

    "I guess so." Whether Lord Meh Meh was fully matured, she did not know, but the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit was just a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast in its infancy.

    "It's so nice. I had wanted to keep one as well, but the Grand Tutor did not allow me to. The Grand Tutor said, I am the Buckwheat Kingdom's Emperor and I must maintain the image of an Emperor. But I think I do not like being the Emperor. I had a dream before, and that is to go to the Thousand Beast City! I heard that in the Thousand Beast City, Spirit Beasts are everywhere. If I can become a Spirit Beast Tamer, how great would that be....." The little Emperor looked at the two adorable little pets, his heart full of fondness for them. "Is little Big Brother a Spirit Beast Tamer?"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    "But I think little Big Brother is more awesome than a Beast Tamer. I heard that the people in the Thousand Beast City were only able to tame one Spirit Beast at a time but little Big Brother has two here. And Little One and Little Two are so obedient, little Big Brother has really trained them well." The little Emperor said with a laugh, the two deep dimples beside the edges of his mouth making him look so adorable.

    [Little One..... Little Two.....]

    Towards the names the little Emperor had given to the two naive little beasts, Jun Wu Xie was really feeling helplessly torn between laughter and tears.

    "Little Big Brother, if you have the chance to go to the Buckwheat Kingdom in the future, will you come look for me? Teach me how to tame Spirit Beasts..... No..... Teach me how to be friends with Spirit Beasts will you?" The little Emperor asked, his big and innocent eyes looking at Jun Wu Xie earnestly. Imperial authourity and riches in his eyes, were incomparable to the two beasts whose heads were lowered as they chewed up the grass before them.

    Jun Wu Xie did not reply. She knew nothing about Beast Taming as Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had stuck to her on their own volition.

    In the future, when Jun Wu Xie thought back to the words the little Emperor had said to her today, she couldn't help but feel, how great it would have been if only she had agreed to the little Emperor's request at this moment.

    As the journey progressed, the little Emperor stuck to Jun Wu Xie more and more. Although Jun Wu Xie wasn't that grown up in age, but she had a firm and steady personality, which made the little Emperor like to hand around her, calling out "little Big Brother" constantly.

    Soon, the Buckwheat Kingdom's convoy arrived at the Condor Country's Imperial Capital. After they entered the city, Jun Wu Xie would then be parting with the little Emperor and his men. She needed to go seek for Qiao Chu and the others.

    When they parted, the little Emperor was highly reluctant, turning his head back with every step, unable to make himself part with the two adorable beasts, and unwilling to separate from his "little Big Brother".

    Suddenly, he jumped down from the horse carriage, chasing after Jun Wu Xie's departing back.

    Jun Wu Xie stopped in her tracks within the crowd, and turned around to see the little Emperor panting heavily from running.

    "Little Big Brother, I want to give this jade pendant to you." The little Emperor said as he shoved a jade pendant carved with a character that read "Jue" into Jun Wu Xie's hand. (Translator Note from Cloud: The character on this jade piece is "" read as jue2 - loosely translated to mean two pieces of jade or gems set or joined together. Not to be confused with the similarly sounding Lord Jue, "" jue2 - translated to mean a rank of nobility like Duke or knight etc.)

    "Little Big Brother, if you have the chance to come to the Buckwheat Kingdom, you must, really must come find me!" Finishing what he came to say, the little Emperor then turned around and ran off.

    Jun Wu Xie watched the gradually diminishing back of the little Emperor as he went further away, the jade piece in her hand still a little warm.

    However, with this parting, it.....


    Poppy: Where did you summon me out here?

    A certain Authour Bei: Someone said they want to see you "strip" before they are willing to cast their votes with their monthly tickets. Hurry up, stri..... What the hell! ! ? I asked you to take off your top, why did you remove your pants! ! ? Stop that! You pervert! Don't take anything off anymore! ! !

    [Another round of our little game fa la la~ Brother Hua when outside the Zephyr Academy, who did he impersonate to sell the elixirs?]
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