Chapter 1216: “Condor Country (1)”

    Chapter 1216: "Condor Country (1)"

    The Condor Country's Imperial City when compared to the Fire Country was not much inferior. The city was bustling with activity and Jun Wu Xie walked within it as she discreetly searched for secret signs left by Qiao Chu and the others. Among the surging crowd of people, Jun Wu Xie noticed one strange thing. Some among the people carried swords that hung from their hips as they passed through the crowd on the wide street, tall and towering figures. Although they were dressed in simple and unadorned clothes, but it was not difficult to see that they were men with military background.

    It was obvious that these men were not the Condor Country's soldiers.

    Jun Wu Xie found a secret sign left by Qiao Chu and the others outside a little restaurant and inn, and she immediately walked in.

    In the guest rooms on the second level, Jun Wu Xie saw Qiao Chu and the others huddled together as they chatted away.

    "Hey! Little Xie! You're finally here at last!" Qiao Chu guffawed good naturedly as he patted Jun Wu Xie on the shoulder.

    "Where's Rong Ruo?" Jun Wu Xie glanced around the room and did not see any sign of Rong Ruo.

    Fei Yan on the side stood up to answer and said: "She said she's going back to her room to rest. I'll go get her to come." Upon saying that, Fei Yan turned to leave, the light blue skirt sweeping before everyone as he passed.

    Qiao Chu rubbed at his chin, looking at Fei Yan's "seductive" back, as he shook his head and sighed.

    "With Little Yan's looks and that lithe body, if she was really a girl, how many great youths will she have ruined?" Although the two of them usually quibbled with each other the most, but with Qiao Chu's almost zero resistance against beauties, occasionally at times like this when he saw Fei Yan looking "fair as a flower and beautiful as the moon", even he had to admit that that little rascal could sometimes be more girlish than real girls.....

    "If these words of yours were heard by him, you'll surely get another thrashing." Fan Zhuo said with an audible laugh.

    Qiao Chu gave an awkward smile and scratched at his head. "I wonder how he could possess such terrifying strength when he has a face that looks like that. That's just too incredibly insane."

    Hua Yao cast a sideway glance at Qiao Chu and said: "How do you think his enormous ape ring spirit came about?"

    Ring spirits are usually paired with owners who shared identical traits with them. Like the ring spirits in their Bone Shifters Tribe, almost all of them were related to bones. Fei Yan looked thin and weak on the outside, but he was actually just lean, and the explosive strength he held hidden inside was a power unstoppable by ordinary people. Fei Yan's ring spirit was the same, where strength was what the enormous ape was famed for.

    "That sounds to be right. A pity my Rolly isn't the type known for its strength, but for its handsome looks. On that point, he truly takes after me." Qiao Chu bragged unashamedly.

    Jun Wu Xie listened to them and suddenly thought about the little Emperor of the Buckwheat Kingdom. His personality was indeed quite similar to that of a rabbit, and it was not that strange for him to have a ring spirit like that. But as Jun Wu Xie thought of that, she suddenly noticed a loophole.

    "Little Xie, what's wrong? Why are you looking so pale?" Qiao Chu noticed Jun Wu Xie's pale complexion, and asked in a hurry.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head. When she had suddenly thought about the little Emperor, she had remembered the little rabbit's tail on his behind. Grand Tutor He had said that it was his ring spirit and Jun Wu Xie had not thought much about it at that time. But she had suddenly realized something, and felt that it was all rather odd!

    Since she had been reborn here, it had merely been about a year's time. Although she had tried to absorb everything she could about this world, but there were some things that got pushed into a corner of her mind and it wasn't that easy for her to remember them. And this time, she had missed out and made an obvious oversight!

    And it was the little Emperor's ring spirit!

    The little Emperor looked only to be about eight or nine years of age, so how could he have a ring spirit? Only at fourteen would one's ring spirit awaken, and based on that, the little Emperor's own ring spirit could not have awoken yet! !
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