Chapter 1217: “Condor Country (2)”

    Chapter 1217: "Condor Country (2)"

    If that rabbit's tail was not a ring spirit, then what could that have been?

    Why did Grand Tutor He try to hide it like that?

    Although Jun Wu Xie held those doubts in her heart, she knew that this was not something she should ask about. Grand Tutor He was highly loyal to the little Emperor and that was a point that would be impossible for him to pretend to be. The reason that he had said that must have been for some special reason.

    Jun Wu Xie could not help it but the image of the strange carriage at the back of the convoy came to her mind. Just what was really in that carriage, she did not know.

    "Little Xie..... Are you alright?" Qiao Chu asked when out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed Jun Wu Xie's expression becoming darker and darker, and he became worried.

    Jun Wu Xie snapped back to her senses. "It's nothing. Some things just came into my mind that's all."

    "If there anything, you've got to tell us. Big Brother Wu Yao would surely avenge you!" Qiao Chu said, getting highly worked up.

    The expression on Jun Wu Xie's face immediately changed subtly.

    Fan Zhuo at the side was trying very hard not to laugh. He had thought that Qiao Chu would say he would definitely take revenge for Jun Wu Xie but in the end..... he had so shamefully thrown it all onto Jun Wu Yao.

    Qiao Chu was not embarrassed but instead looking very proud as he said: "What? Have I said anything wrong? Big Brother Wu Yao just needs to wriggle his little finger and everything before him falls and dies. Just how much cooler can that be? !"

    Jun Wu Xie turned her eyes away quietly, the cloud of suspicions that had filled her mind earlier suddenly dissipated into nothing by Qiao Chu's antics.

    Fei Yan ambled over to seek out Rong Ruo, his highly "pretty" face garnering quite a bit of attention from the inn's guests as he passed along the walkway. He threw out a few atrocious winks towards the one of the mesmerized men, and a moment later, he heard a loud crash when that man on the stairs had missed a step and fell rolling down the staircase.

    Based on their innate characters among the six of them, Fei Yan had the most deplorable personality.

    Coming before Rong Ruo's room door, Fei Yan had most casually pushed the tightly shut door open, that tiny bolt on the door flimsy as noodles before his monstrous strength.

    Fei Yan strutted inside blatantly and did not see any sign of Rong Ruo within the room. He looked around in puzzlement and then seemed to hear a faint sound from the side and he walked towards the source of it.

    A faint mist permeated the place within the cold air, feeling slightly damp. In that thin fogginess, a tall and gracefully svelte figure was slowly revealed, the subdued rays of the sun strongly outlining a shapely and curvy figure in stark contrast.

    The smile on Fei Yan's face immediately congealed, his eyes immensely wide as they stared, his entire body frozen in place.....

    Rong Ruo who was taking a bath heard a noise and turned her head around. She saw Fei Yan standing there to stare blankly at her, as the warm smile upon her face remained in place.

    "I think all the doors inside and outside here to you, are all just pieces of decoration and you really treat them as if they do not exist."

    Fei Yan stood unmoving in his spot. In that instant that Rong Ruo had turned around earlier, he seemed to have seen.....

    'Drip drip.....'

    Two streaks of blood flowed out from Fei Yan's nose, dripping onto the ground.

    That faint smell of blood made the two people freeze a moment, and Fei Yan turned around suddenly, running headlong outside in escape.

    While Rong Ruo remained within the wooden tub, her eyes filled with puzzlement as she lowered her head belatedly, and saw the exposed allure on her chest.

    "Dammit!" She then slapped her palm on her forehead, as she leaned back against the wooden tub suddenly feeling perplexed.

    [How could she have forgotten.....]

    "I'm sorry." Rong Ruo's brows furrowed together, and said those words that made no sense.

    Fei Yan ran like he had gone mad, barging right into Qiao Chu's room. Qiao Chu who was singing his high praises for Jun Wu Yao turned his head in surprise to look at Fei Yan who had come crashing in while holding his nose, his face a blank expression, his eyes vacant.

    "I'll say Little Yan, what's wrong with you?"
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