Chapter 1218: “I Will Take Responsibility”

    Chapter 1218: "I Will Take Responsibility"

    Fei Yan completely ignored Qiao Chu and just held on to his nose furiously. He reached out a hand and grabbed a piece of Qiao Chu's clothes that had been cleaned to wipe off the nosebleed.

    The instant the bright red blood was seen, Qiao Chu immediately exploded in rage!

    "Your Old Grandmaster! Let go of my clothes! If you've got something against me, come straight at me instead!" He rushed right up and wanted to fight it out from Fei Yan's hands there and then. However..... Fei Yan pushed him back with just one hand.

    Qiao Chu's heart was already crying a river.....

    Under all that ruckus, Rong Ruo walked in slowly. When she came in, she immediately saw the two fighting with Fei Yan holding Qiao Chu back with one hand, but there wasn't the slightest bit of embarrassment or bashfulness upon her face.

    Instead, it was the always wayward and wilful Fei Yan that turned bright red upon seeing Rong Ruo who let go of his hands and stood morosely quiet on one side, not daring to raise his eyes to look at her.

    Rong Ruo on the other hand, leisurely and gracefully sat herself down upon a chair.

    "Just got here?" Rong Ruo asked, looking at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "You should get some rest first. We'll all sit down and discuss about the things here slowly tonight." Rong Ruo said with a smile.

    "Alright." Jun Wu Xie was not in a rush. Since she was already here in the Condor Country, and from the reactions of Rong Ruo and the others, things seemed to be going well here.

    Jun Wu Xie went back to her room to rest. Hua Yao and Fan Zhuo looked at Qiao Chu who was crying tearlessly as he held the blood stained clothes in his hands and then turned to look at Fei Yan who was acting very strangely. The two of them had in a show of rapport, both chosen to remain silent, except for the glint of interest within their eyes that betrayed what they were feeling at that moment, while the two of them walked away shoulder to shoulder.

    Rong Ruo had just walked out from the room when the coyly quiet Fei Yan suddenly went chasing after her.

    "Little Ruo!"

    Rong Ruo's steps slightly faltered and she turned to look at Fei Yan, but instead saw Fei Yan whose face was so red it looked like the colour of well cooked prawns. He was dressed in female clothes and standing there looking so "bashful" in front of her, in the eyes of others, he looked every inch like a budding young girl in love.

    "I....." Fei Yan was at a loss, not knowing what he wanted to say. As sharp tongued as he always was usually, he suddenly couldn't find the words.

    Rong Ruo looked at Fei Yan, her eyes looking slightly frustrated.

    "Today, nothing ever happened. You do not have to take it to heart." She said with a smile, dressed elegantly in male clothes, looking like a distinguished and graceful Young Master.

    Fei Yan was stunned. He had not thought that Rong Ruo would put it across so lightly. The two of them had ever since been picked up by Yan Bu Gui, been brought up within the Phoenix Academy. Hua Yao and Qiao Chu frequently went out on missions together, while he always moved around with Rong Ruo. Rong Ruo had always been this gentle from young and no matter what he did, she never once showed a sliver of anger or displeasure. Many a time, Fei Yan always felt that Rong Ruo was a person that was so nice and without a temper.

    After saying that, Rong Ruo was going to turn and leave.

    But Fei Yan found his heart fill with panic!

    "I will take responsibility!"

    Rong Ruo was stunned into stone. She froze in her spot not daring to turn her head back, completely unable to believe what her own ears had just heard.

    "I..... will take responsibility. After we avenge our families, I will mar..... marry you....." Fei Yan summoned up every single ounce of his courage before he could finish saying those words. After saying that, he turned around and ran off, leaving Rong Ruo still stunned, as she stood staring blankly there.

    Rong Ruo's attractive eyes were filled with incredulity. She couldn't help but feel that either Fei Yan had gone mad, or that she was just hearing things.

    [Marry her?]


    Rong Ruo's genteel face suddenly showed a rare moment of anxiety. Her brows creased up slightly as she stared at the highly flustered and escaping back of Fei Yan, her eyes filled with a conflicted and frustrated glint.

    "What am I going to do with this now?" Rong Ruo whispered to herself with a bitter laugh.

    She really didn't need Fei Yan to take responsibility for any of it.
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