Chapter 1219: “Strange”

    Chapter 1219: "Strange"

    After Jun Wu Xie woke up from her sleep, she was feeling much refreshed. The several companions then gathered together and everything seemed just like it was before, but at the same time a little different.....

    The corners of Rong Ruo's lips were smiling, but they were tinged with a trace of bitterness, while Fei Yan's eyes were always fixed upon Rong Ruo today.

    This point, was obvious even to the highly insensitive and dumb block that Qiao Chu usually was.

    "Whatcha looking at? !" Qiao Chu asked, stretching out a hand and waving it before Fei Yan's eyes. Fei Yan was surprised and immediately shifted his gaze, showing a rare moment where he did not retaliate against Qiao Chu.

    "Is there anything that all of you have managed to discover in your investigations throughout this period?" Jun Wu Xie asked, going straight to the point.

    Fan Zhuo answered: "When we first came to the Condor Country, we had initially planned to investigate into the Imperial Palace right away. Rong Ruo had first released her Hell Butterflies to scout the place but then a strange thing happened. Rong Ruo's Hell Butterflies disappeared. Or to put it more accurately, they were crushed by an immensely powerful force."

    Rong Ruo's Hell Butterflies were different from others, where they could fuse into one whole, or split and separate into many. After they spilt apart, the Hell Butterflies would become very small in size and would not be detected by people unless they possessed the powers of a Purple Spirit before they might possibly be able to notice the faint spirit energy emanating from them.

    "We are guessing that someone from the All Dragon's Palace is definitely residing within Condor Country's Imperial Capital and we held ourselves back from making any rash moves. Over this period, we have been secretly observing the things here in the Imperial Capital and we have noticed some strange things. Over this period, there were often many convoys from other countries coming into the city and totaling them up, we have seen convoys from almost seven or eight other countries. Why have all these teams from differing countries all appeared here together which made us find it rather suspicious. Since the Condor Country's Imperial Palace has people from the All Dragons Palace residing within, we did not dare to infiltrate the place in fear of alerting them, But Rong Ruo secretly sent the Hell Butterflies to keep tabs on the people from the other countries and discovered even stranger things....."

    The people from the various countries were arranged to stay within the city and they frequently went in and out of the Imperial Palace and another place. The companions were not able to go inside the Imperial Palace but for the other place, they sent out the Hell Butterflies and made sure that there wasn't any people from the All Dragons Palace before they secretly went in to investigate.

    And what they found out made the several youths feel rather flustered.

    "That place is in a far corner of the Imperial City and highly inconspicuous. But the things inside that place were rather terrifying though." Fan Zhuo said as his brows furrowed up together, like his mind had recalled a certain unpleasant memory.

    "That place is filled with people who are imprisoned in there..... Or should I say they were people who did not possess any self awareness."

    "What does that mean?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes were slightly startled.

    "Those were all some young men, but it was strange that the muscles on all their bodies were developed to highly extreme extents, and they did not seem to possess any awareness but only to attack anyone they saw where even Qiao Chu had difficulty receiving an all out attack from them. They possess immense and terrifying strength that is only slightly weaker than Fei Yan."

    Fan Zhuo did not know how to fully describe what they all saw. The people they saw were no longer humans but more like monsters which was nothing like anyone of them had ever seen.

    Those people were imprisoned in a house and separately locked up in chains, frequently letting out bestial roars. They were loud and the neighbouring citizens have all been moved out from there with all the houses nearby sitting completely empty. Within the Imperial Capital, rumours were rife that the place was haunted and nobody dared to go near the place where even the Condor Country's soldiers had been sent there to have the place heavily surrounded to prevent anyone from going near it.

    But it was exactly such a place that the dignitaries and delegations from various countries went to repeatedly, and with none returning. All of them were even led in there by the Condor Country's Emperor himself.
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