Chapter 1220: “Strange (2)”

    Chapter 1220: "Strange (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie's brows creased up slightly. For no reason, Fan Zhuo's description made her subconsciously think about the Buckwheat Kingdom's last horse carriage in their convoy.

    "I had once heard, in the Middle Realm, there exists an insidious method that could greatly alter an average person's body constitution. That method by manner of speaking, was invented by the Soul Return Palace. They used a person's spirit as the price in exchange for the physical body's might. The condition of those people in that place in the Condor Country seems rather similar to that." Fan Zhuo said.

    "That method, although it can make one's body incomparably strong, but at the same time, those people who lose their spirits become just a mere shell and reacts only according to orders, unable to feel any pain and does not know fear. And as their bodies have been soaked in a kind of poisonous brew for a long time, those people develop a high resistance to poison their bodies turn very tough, their skin highly resilient. At the time when the Soul Return Palace just developed this method, the Dark Emperor rejected it and immediately crushed the person who developed it into minced meat. Now..... it seems the All Dragons Palace has somehow managed to get their hands on it and is using it here in the Lower Realm." Fan Zhuo said as his brows came together in a frown.

    There are limits to a person's body, but such a malicious method uses the sacrifice of one's spirit as a foundation, to create a monster that breakthrough those limits. People who were put through such alteration, could no longer be termed as human, but pure war machines.

    "For the All Dragons Palace to secretly introduce this into the Lower Realm, I'm afraid they would have more terrifying intentions behind this."

    "Isn't the All Dragons Palace just completely devoid of conscience here? They are completely not treating the people of the Lower Realm as humans! Nobody in the Middle Realm dares to use this and they have instead come to stir up this storm in the Lower Realm." Qiao Chu harrumphed indignantly.

    Having the Middle Realm not seeing the people of the Lower Realm as human, it was already a mentality deeply instilled into their consciousness. In the eyes of many in the Middle Realm, the people of the Lower Realm held less dignity than beasts. Whether it was to kill them or to undergo extreme alterations, they were all playthings that could be used to merely kill time as well.

    Qiao Chu and the others had left the Middle Realm from a very young age and hence, such a mentality had not been inoculated into their minds. With deep blood vengeance upon their shoulders, they had long forgotten about such division between the realms.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes were narrowed. On this path in search of the human skin maps, she had seen too much of such instances. Regardless whether it was the Qing Yun Clan's Ke Cang Ju, or the Zephyr Academy's Gu Ying, or even Qu Xing Rui in the Thousand Beast City, in their eyes, people of the Lower Realm were not human. They killed whenever they wanted, without the slightest hesitation.

    "One of these days, they will leave the Lower Realm." Jun Wu Xie said in a chilling voice. Although she never liked to poke her nose into other people's affairs, but in this matter where they forcibly altered a human body, she found she hated it to a new extreme.

    Conducting such an evil kind of experiments, that went against the very grain of nature, the natural evolution of man, should not even exist in this world!

    "Wait till we have finished we need to do, and we'll come here to the Lower Realm and do nothing but grab these scoundrels from the Twelve Palaces who come down here and bash them senseless. We'll then see if they still dare to stir up any more trouble here in the Lower Realm at that time." Qiao Chu said as he shook his fist in resentment.

    "Dumb Qiao is right. In order to foil these plans of the Middle Realm, we need to hold absolute power over them. With the powers we possess right at this moment, if faced against the people of the Middle Realm, would only put us into a long bitter battle." Fan Zhuo said. Although he highly abhorred the fact that such a utterly heartless method was being used on people, he knew he had to keep a clear mind to think things through, and not get riled up.

    "At present, our most important mission is to locate the map within the Condor Country. From what I have observed before, every time the Condor Country's Emperor comes out of the Imperial Palace to meet with the delegations from the other countries, a particular man is always with him. Although that man had always suppressed his spirit aura, but I could still feel it emanating out from his body, and know that he must be from the All Dragons Palace." Rong Ruo said with a slight frown. Her Hell Butterflies had always highly sensitive in perceiving one's powers.
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